Dec 11, 2008

Christmas Tree

When Justin and I went to Wal-Mart to get some lights and some things for the tree. When we were in the Christmas section we were looking at the non-breakable balls that go on the tree and Justin kept insisting that he wanted blue balls. I kept thinking what could I do with blue but then I saw these wooden penguins and they were cute so we did blue and silver with black and white penguins all over it. It really did turn out cute. It was fun decorating our first Christmas tree together.

Thanksgiving Fun!

This thanksgiving most of my family members got together and wonderful time and eating a lot of food. There was a lot of activities planed to keep everyone busy and having a great time. The men got to go pheasant hunting and the girls went shopping. Then we all went and cut down Christmas trees on the mountain. It was a lot of fun but cold.

Grandma's passing

This last month my grandma died. She was someone really special to me because I loved going to her home in the summers and riding the bikes,cooking and sewing with her. As family gathered it was nice to tell all the remembering stories and share how we felt. She is going to be greatly missed but we know that she is where she needs to be.