Apr 26, 2010

5 Month Pic.

So here are Leah's five month pictures. She was so cute...I think that she will love the camera as she gets older. Hope that you all enjoy them.

Apr 17, 2010

We Love Veggies

So this week we started feeding Leah Geen Beans, She was so cute...because she loves them. I would have thought that she would not like them. But Yea we love veggies.

Gunner's Blessing

When I arrived at my sister's house Ryan my sister's daughter was so excited that baby Leah came to visit (not me just Leah). She was so cute that she wanted to help Leah with anything that she needed. So, with that I found the most wonderful thing ever...a little helper. I asked my sister Jennie if Ryan could be rented out. But, she informed me that I had to find my own helper. Ryan wanted to feed her and give her her passie if she lost it. It was really cute. Well anyways on Friday it was my sister's Jennie's birthday. We had fun blowing out candles and singing all the different birthday songs, and just having fun. The next day we got to go to gunner's blessing. It wa really fun. He looked so cute. Thanks for inviting Leah and I, Jennie...we had lots of fun.


This last week we were having Leah's 5 month pictures taken, and so I was trying to see what I was going to do with Leah's hair. If you dont know my daughter her hair is always standing on end. So I decied that I would try putting curlers in her hair. It was so cute but did really work because she was pulling them out of her hair before they were dry..Oh well. here are some pictures anyways.I will have to post her 5 month pictures when I get them.