Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

So this year Leah decided to be a cute lady bug. Here are some cute pictures of her.
 Here is a picture of Leah and Keyan!

Jensen Halloween Festival

Justin and I wanted to do something fun as a family so we decided to attend the Annual Jensen Pumpkin Festival. We met up with my friend Rachel and her mother at the festival. The theme this year was hero's and outlaws. They had some pretty cool pumpkins. Here are some pictures from the event.
 Here is a pretty cool pumpkin for the military.
 Here is a cool pumpkin for the dinosaur quary.

Oct 26, 2011

Garrett's Hair Cut

Garrett had asked me to cut his hair after we were done carving pumpkins...so I had taken my clippers to mom and dad's home. So while we were carving pumpkins Justin and Kayla were teasing Garrett that they were going to cut his hair into a mohawk. I could not believe it when Garrett let Justin start to cut his hair. It was pretty funny how long his hair really was. Here are some pictures of Garrett as Justin cut his hair into a mohawk. 
 After, a little while I did go outside to save Garrett and finish cutting his hair so that it did not look so bad. It actually ended up being good just a little shorter than what i would have cut it orgionally. At least they got a rise out of mom and almost got Jordan in the chair but with no avail. oh well enjoy the pictures.

Pumkins and Carmel Apples

     Justin and I decided that it would be fun to carve pumpkins and make Carmel apples with Leah for Family Home Evening. So, we decided that it would also be fun to invite Garrett and Jordan as well.  Of course, when you invite the boys the girlfriends are a must, so we then decided that doing it at mom's and dad's house would be better, so we invited ourselves to their home. It was with their blessing of course. Mom and dad even joined the fun.
      So, Justin and I set out to find our pumpkins to carve. We ended up at Meadow Produce here in Vernal and they had some pretty big pumpkins for a good price and so we ended up with 6 pumpkins. Justin and I picked out some for us, and Leah got to pick out her's and keyan's pumpkins. Then we were talking to Garrett on the phone and he had us pick out two more for himself and Katilynn. Leah was so excited to pick out the pumpkins. We will defently go back there next year for our pumpkins.
     So we all got to mom and dad's around 7pm and the carving began. Kayla was so nice to help Leah with her pumpkin where I was busy with the baby. She helped Leah gut her pumpkin and draw out a design and of course you could guess what Leah decided to put on her pumpkin...Mickey Mouse....her favorite thing in the whole wide world. Here are some pictures of everyone carving their pumpkins.
Jordan was the first to complete his pumpkin. He told me that he called his "shapes"
 Here is Dad's Pumpkin...He called it "Ghost Chicken in the Sky" You will have to ask Dad if you dont understand the name of his pumpkin.
 Here is Kayla and Leah.
 After most of us were done carving their pumpkins we decided it was time to do our carmel apples. Justin also decided that he was going to do it a little more gourmet and after the carmel was dry to dip them in chocolate as well. Of course then we had to dip them in nuts and coconut as well. Here is some pictures of the event...
Here are some pictures of the pumpkins as people were finishing them. The first pumpkin is mine...I decided to do a piriate pumpkin...I think that it turned out pretty cool.
 Here is Justin's Pumpkin....He did a witch this year.
 In this picture you can see mine Justin's, keyan's and Leah's Pumpkin
 Justin's Pumpkin in the dark
 Here is Garrett's Pumpkin...He did an Angery Bird...can you see the bird?
 In this picture you can see Garretts, Katilynn's, Justin's and Leah's Pumpkins.
 Here is all of our pumpkins on the table...it sure was fun. Thanks Mom and Dad for your home...and I hope that we did not make to much of a mess.

Oct 20, 2011

Dinosaur Quarry

 The Dinosaur Quarry is finally open...YEA! After several years and a lot of hard work it is finally complete. My dad had an open house for the employees of the park and invited Justin and I to come and see it. Being that Justin had to work I went with my sister Ashley. Leah was so excited all day to go and see the dinosaurs. I kept having to tell her that we would go at 6pm if she was really good all day. Let's just say she was the best behaved kid all day long. So we got up there and my dad gave us the personal tour of the Quarry. It was really fun to see how the building had changed and what displays they had. Leah kept going around "roaring" like a dinosaur. She was so cute. Here are some pictures of our adventure.
 I love this picture because there used to be a sign saying not to touch the bones. But now there is a sign that says touch but dont climb. What changed?
Everyone should come and see the Quarry...You are always welcome to say at my home!