Dec 15, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

So, something cool that our community does here in Vernal is that they have things like Breakfast with Santa Clause and it's Free. Leah was so excited. We woke up this morning and got ready to go to the Jr. High School where the Breakfast would take place. We walked into the Cafeteria and Santa was actually standing right there. Leah almost screamed when he asked her to take a picture with him. She got to speak to him as I got my Camera out. I am proud to say that she told him that she wanted a pink LeapPad2. She usually get scared to talk to him but she told him what she wanted and her smile was a mile wide. Here is a the cute picture of them together.
 Here is the Cafeteria where the Breakfast took place. In the room at the end they had a live band playing Christmas Songs it was really fun.
 Here is Keyan eating his pancakes and eggs.
 After we finished eating Santa was coming around again and Keyan got to sit on his lap. Of course we know how that went. This Santa was pretty funny and he did a really good job. He even tried to make Keyan okay with him but ya it didnt work. Oh, well. Classic Picture.
 Here is Leah and Keyan with Santa.
 When we walked out of the Jr. High the local Fire Department had a truck there that kids could climb into and have a look. Leah wanted me to get into the fire truck with her. I have to say that it was pretty cool, I have never been into a fire truck before.
 Here is Justin, Leah, and Keyan in front of the Fire Truck.
 I wish you could have seen how hard it was snowing when we were outside. U can kind of see it on the sidewalks but oh well. It was fun seeing the fire truck even if it was snowing like cats and dogs outside.

Ward Christmas Party

Tis the is time for our annual Ward Christmas Party for 2012. We always try to attend, as this is one of the only times that the kids get to see Santa Clause. We then got the call that we were going to work on our house that same day. So we made arrangements so that I could attend the party and Justin would go and work on our house. When I got there with Leah and Keyan the dinner had already started. It ended up being a nice dinner of rost beef and rost chicken. It was sure good. We then had a nice program and watched a Christmas Movie about Christ. We then sang songs and waited for Santa to come, and then waited and waited. We almost thought he wouldnt come. Then Justin called and said they had finished and he would get there as soon as possible. It actually turned out perfect. He got dinner and he got to see the kids sit on Santa's Lap. Keyan was fine until we actually sat him on Santa's lap. Then it started...the tears and screaming. Man he really does not like santa clause. It was sure funny. Here are the great pictures of these moments.
I really felt bad for Leah. She got down from Santa's lap and started to panic. She told me that she forgot to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. So I told her that we could write a letter to send to him. That calmed her down enough to get her out to the car. I then visited with Rachel my good friend and neighbor and she informed me that the comunity was putting on a Breakfest with Santa on Saturday. Then Leah could tell Santa what she would like for Christmas. Leah really liked this idea. So I guess we will have to see.

Dec 8, 2012

Our Foundation

Our foundation is finally being poured...YEA. Here is our pictures of our foundation.