May 16, 2013

My little Man!

I just love these Picture's. He is so cute...I couldn't resist taking these...Enjoy. 


On May 1st, 2013 my baby boy Keyan broke his arm. He was chasing Leah around and fell just right. So they splinted it and then we went to see Dr. Young to see if we needed it to be casted. He told us that it was Green Stick Fracture and that it was almost healed. So we are really lucky that we do not need a cast and would only have to have the soft cast on for one more week if needed. YEA! Talk about relief. So I thought I would post these pictures so that we can remember that this happened.

Dancing with Rian

This last weekend the kids and I went to Ogden to visit my sister and attend my Grandma Millett's 80th Birthday party. We had so much visiting and playing with cousins. Leah even got to attend Rian's ballet class.  Rian had an old outfit that was to small and gave it to Leah. They were pretty cute. These are the pictures that I took while they were dancing. Leah was so cute but didn't really dance with them and when I asked her why she was not dancing she told me that she didn't have any ballet shoes on...She is so funny. You are so cute Leah....Love you...Thanks for trying.