Jan 19, 2009


Christmas was so much fun as a first married couple. I woke up around 6am and their was a text on my phone from Jordan (my brother) asking when Justin and I were coming over to my parents home. I texted back not until eight. Then around Seven am Justin and I got up and opened our own Christmas presents around our little Christmas tree. Justin got a computer monitor that he has been wanting and I received the best gift of all...A Vacuum!!!! It was a little scary when I put it together and tried it out. What I thought was a clean floor was no longer. That Vacuum pulled things out of the carpet that I cant even imagine. Girls, if you receive a vacuum from your husbands, have them vacuum the carpet, then empty the bag before you see it. Doing this will make you feel so much better.
Then after that we went over to my parents home and found them opening presents. I had asked my mother what time they had gotten up and they told me 8am...Amazing...Becasue of the text that moring, I figured they had been up and moving before Justin and I got there. We did have a laugh over this...Jordan claims to have had to go to the bathroom so he texted me but I think that he was so excited but liked sleep better. All in all it was a fun Christmas...