Sep 24, 2009

Our New Home

People keep asking me what our new apartment looks like so I took some pictures of the inside of my house...Here they are...

Sep 12, 2009

Girl's Weekend

This last week I had the opportunity to go to my sister Jennie's house. We had planned this for over a month and we wanted to get together and make some things for the baby. We made hair bows, head bands, and a car seat cover. Jennie and I also did some shopping and found a blessing dress and a few other things that I really wanted to find while I was out there. Cassy even met up with us for part of a day and we got pedicures and went out to lunch. It was really fun to talk and spend some time with them. After I returned home, I used the skills that Jennie taught me and made a second car seat cover...It turned out really cute. Thanks Jennie for a great weekend. Here are some pictures.