Dec 23, 2010

Christmas Wreath

My sister Cassy and her family came out to Vernal on Monday so that my dad and Reed (Cassy's Husband) could go deer hunting. While they were out here, my parents, Cassy family, Ashley's family, and us went up to see my brother's grave and put a Christmas wreath on his head stone.  When Justin and I arrived at the cemetery, we were the first time to arrive so we decided to start shoveling a path out to the headstone.

Here is the beautiful wreath that Cassy and my Mom made...

We then took some pictures of the kids and the headstone.

Ashley and the Kids.  
Mom, Dad, Jordan, Ashley and the Kids.
 Justin Leah and I
 Dad throwing Mariko In the Snow. Dad said that he could not pass up the opportunity.

 Mari decided that the snow was pretty comfortable.

 My Little Leah...She was so cute and wanted to play with her cousin in the snow.

I just love this picture. She is so stinking cute.

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Two day's ago, I went to the discovery Elem. to sign up some foster kids for school. When I arrived and walked into the office and a little kid was in there jumping up and down in excitement. When the mother asked why he was so excited he responded by saying "It worked, It worked". The mother then asked "what worked?" The child responded "Our Snow Dance Worked". Oh Boy, was he not kidding, by the next night we had three feet outside our house. I even took pictures of our winter wonderland. This first picture is of our street where we live.
This is Justin's car! Of course we had to find the car before taking the picture.
Here is a picture of me starting to shovel the walks. This is the third time that our walk has been shoveled.
These next pictures really explain how much snow we have gotten her in Vernal. Well I guess there are two really cute people in the picture as well.

Dec 22, 2010

Millett Family X-Mas Party

This year my Aunt Janna and Uncle Wayne hosted the annual Millett Family Christmas Party. This year we met up at my aunt Janna's home and first the family went caroling to some of the neighbors and then came back to the house for a pot luck dinner. It was really good. We had roasted turkey, baked potato's, and some really good deserts and salads that people brought. After dinner we have an annual Millett family Christmas program. This is where all the families that attend get up and show off a talent. My father went first and read the story of a duck hunting dog. I wish I would have gotten a picture of this but I could not get to my camera in time.  After my families turn, Uncle Wayne and his family got up and sang a rendition of Christmas carols. Their family is really musical it was fun listening to them sing.
After Uncle Wayne it was my Uncle Dan and Aunt Sara turn. Their kids got up and played their violin's and Bass. They did a really great job. They live in Texas and we do not see them much, so it was fun to see them and listen to their talented children.
 This next picture is of my Uncle Steve, Aunt Janna, and family. They lip synced a song and it was so funny. They always make us laugh. Thanks guys.  
Next, my grandma Millett and Aunt Vicki got up and played a piano duet. Piano playing has always been something that my grandma loved. Even when I was little and we would go to her house she would play songs on the piano and teach us fun songs. The duet sounded beautiful grandma.  
 For the last part of the program we all sang together. It was fun to sing Christmas songs as a family. It always reminds me about Christ and why we celebrate the Christmas season.
I am so excited that I took this picture. This is my Grandma Millett and Leah. What a great picture.  
 After the party, I headed back to my sister Jennie's house. Leah and Jennie's daughter Rian love to play together, so it makes it easy to stay at her house when I'm in town. Here are some cute pictures of them playing together.

Dec 5, 2010


On Saturday the 4th of December, my mom invited me to her "Ward Christmas Party". Of course a free meal is a free meal, so I said yes. They actually had it Saturday morning and did breakfast. It really turned out great because Justin was working and I didn't have to make breakfast for myself. So, Saturday I picked up my mom and we went to breakfast. We had pancakes, sausage, muffins, and juice. It was really good. Leah loved the muffin's, I guess I am going to have to make them more often. The highlight of the morning was Santa coming to visit the children. I of course I thought that there was no way that Leah would set on Santa lap without crying. So I waited until all the other children had gone. When I put Leah on Santa lap...nothing happened....I was so surprised that I almost forgot to take a picture.  Leah's expression was priceless...It was like she was thinking "If I don't move, he is not there". I did get a good picture. Thanks Leah...You were so cute!