Jul 25, 2014

Happy 24th of July

We always look forward to the 24th of July because we get to attend the scout breakfast and eat some wonderfully cooked food. They always have Pancakes, sausage, and eggs. They tasted so good. They even had people handing out some paper hat for the parade that would happen after the breakfast. Here are some fun pictures of the kids at the breakfast. 
 Once the breakfast was over we headed to the parade. Keyan was so excited to see all the of police cars blocking the road getting ready for the parade. 
 Here we are waiting for the parade. 
 Once we could see the police cars down the road Keyan was out there waving to them thinking that they would wave back. Super cute. 
 The police even had this really old police car in the parade it was cool to see but I sure would not want to ride in it if I was chasing someone. It has no seat belts and no air bags. I guess that is how they did it back in the day...scary. 
Here are the floats that were in the parade. 
 It would not be a vernal parade with out some john deer tractors. 
 After the parade got over we headed home to have some lunch and then decided that since today was the opening day of the county fair we would attend. Of course when you go to the fair we have to do the Little Red Barn. It is always the highlight of the fair every year. Here are the kids putting on their aprons to get ready to plant and harvest some veggies on the farm. 
 The first thing we do on the farm is pick the apples on the apple patch. 
 Then the kids get to plant seeds to make veggies grow. 
 After planting and harvesting the veggies we went to the hen house and had to collect the eggs. 
 They even had these cute cut outs and the kids got in them to show how they are farmers. 
 Once they posed for pictures we had them hall the hay. 
 Once they finished haling the hay we went back inside to milk the cows. Here is a cook cow they had there to show the kids. 
 Leah and Keyan milking the cow. 
 They even had some sheep a pig along with the bull cow to let the kids look at. 
 Once they got done miking and looking at the animals we went to the market and the kids got some paper money to go and get something from the market store. Leah chose some Cheetos and keyan some fruit snacks. I tried to get the kids to pick ice cream but to no avail...Sad day it was really hot but oh well no Ice Cream for these kids. They were also given these cute read ribbons that said future farmers on them. They sure had fun. 
After we attended the fair we headed to mom and dad's for some good BBQ. It was sure nice to spend some time with family we even sat out on the deck and watched the fireworks that people were shooting off. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day. Cant wait until we do this again next year. 

Primary Activity Time

We recently had an activity for our primary this summer and before the activity started we went to the temple to take this picture. I think it turned out super cute. Keyan even got into the picture as he comes to class with me on a regular basis. I am currently teaching the CTR 4 class (Leah's Class). So I was able to attend the activity and most of my kids from my class came. They were sure cute. 

Story Time

This summer we have really enjoyed going to the library to do story time. This week we read a book about a turtle. So the kids made turtles and the kids thought it was funny to put them on their heads. So I had to take this picture. 

Family/Pregnancy Photo's May 2014

While visiting my sister this weekend I decided I wanted some family pictures taken. She was nice enough to take us to a park to take some of these cute pictures for us. I just love them. Thanks Jennie Pace. 
 I cant believe how big Leah is getting. She is so cute. 
 Leah was done in this picture but I still think it is really cute.  
 My cute kids.