Apr 24, 2012

Happy Easter

I was so excited for the kids to get their new Easter outfits for Church. Leah got a little sun dress with some sandals and hair bows. She also got a new shirt some candy and a new magnet toy for church. Leah was sure excited for the candy and her new Minnie Mouse shirt.
 Keyan got a new three piece suit. Some new toys and book.
 I received a new cook book and some much needed chocolate.
 Justin got a new game, a new tie and some candy.
 Here is Leah looking at her Easter basket.
 Keyan playing with his new balls. They have thing/items inside that make sound and do all kinds of things. pretty cool.  
 Here are the kids in their new Easter outfits.
Here are my boys aren't they cute. 
 Leah and Keyan together. So cute.
 Later that evening we went to my parents house and had an Easter Egg Hunt. Leah got a lot of prize eggs. She actually got 2 dollars in change from them. Leah loved evey minute of it.

Egg it Up!

One of my favorite things about Easter is decorating the Easter Eggs. This is something that I really wanted Leah to be able to do so we bought some child proof Egg dye kits. Well ya they were are no such things as Kid proof egg dye kits. But Leah was into it...She colored her eggs with crayons and then put them in the different colors. She could have done that all day. We did some some fun eggs. Justin even put eyes on his. It was a sure a fun afternoon. Enjoy the pictues.  

The Hunt!

After we went to visit the Easter Bunny we headed over the the Junior High for an Easter Egg Hunt. There were many different companies and stores around Vernal doing different hunts but this one was smaller and did not have as many kids so Justin and I thought that it would be easier for Leah to go and get some candy without being trampled on. The one thing that I really liked about this hunt was that they had age groups in different area's sectioned off. Leah and Keyan were both in the section 0-3. Sure made it nice for us. Leah just walked around picking up different little candies and not worrying about all the nicer things. She got at least 25 dum dum suckers. She really makes me laugh.
 Keyan got a ball and some toys. Smart to have toys for the little kids.

Easter Bunny

The Saturday before Easter the Easter Bunny comes to Jubilee...Leah is always so shy but she managed to comfort Keyan when he got on the Bunnies lap. Way to go Leah. The Pictures sure turned out cute.
After sitting on the Easter Bunnies Lap we got to decorate our own cookies. Leah did a really good job.