Nov 30, 2010

Thanks Emily

Leah's Year Pictures turned out so cute! You were right, Emily it is hard to pick a favorite. 

Nov 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Time....

This year is my family year to do thanksgiving. So my sister's and their families both came out. It was a lot of fun to see them and spend time with them. On, Wednesday we did family game night...needless to say is that my sister Jennie is the game champion....every game that we played she won. I could not believe it. She never plays games and some of the games she had never played before....but,we had fun was just a fun to spend time with family.

On Thursday, Justin and I actually slept never was so nice to sleep in until 8am....Leah is a early riser and usually is up at the crack of dawn but it was a nice gift from her to let us sleep. When I got up it was all work...I started to make pies and get everything ready to head over to my parents house. When we got to my parents dinner was almost made and the smell of the turkey was wonderful. We then learned that dinner would be put on hold while we wait for my sister Cassy to arrive. My sister Cassy had some unfortunate car trouble that caused her to come a day late. We are just glad that her family arrived safely to spend some quality time with us.

Dinner that day was so good...can I say that I love stuffing! YUM! It was nice to sit down as a family, eat good food, and spend some time together visiting. After dinner we continued to visit, look at black Friday adds and played some games.

On Friday, at the crack of dawn...precisely at 5am..I really don't know what I was thinking by going into the mad rush of the crazy shoppers at Wal-Mart. Leah was really good even though she was so so tired...But, I do have to report that I did get the few items that I was seeking for Christmas. Justin even joined me once he got off working the night shift. After we finished I was going to join my family for breakfast but we decided that we liked sleep more and all went back to bed. Leah even slept the longest...sleeping until 11am. I really must of tired her out.

Later that day Leah Justin and I joined my family and went to the holly festival that Vernal holds every year. We started by going to the craft fair...It was fun to see all the net stuff that they make..I even got some new stocking that I have been looking for since Justin and I got married. I was so excited when I found them. They are so cute. I am so happy that I got them...Yea for me! They will go perfect in my living room and with all my Christmas stuff. We then did lunch at my parents house and I took Justin back to work. After lunch we decided that we would go back to the Holly Festival because they had lots of activities all day that were free. The one activity that we decided to do was ride a camel...Yes a Camel...We waited in line for a little over 45 minutes but it was so much fun...Leah and I rode it together. We had a lot of fun and who could really say that they ever rode a camel. Yeah Leah and I have. We then went over to the Western Park to see the trees and have some Chero's and Hot Chocolate. After that we headed to main street for the Parade of lights and to eat some chocolate fried oreo's. It was a fun and tiring day...I am glad that Leah had fun. It was a great Thanksgiving.

Here are some fun Pictures of the Holly Festival...

 Here is a picture of Reed, Isaac, and Kaden
Picture of Abbie and Cassy

 Leah and Me!

Mom and Dad

Nov 28, 2010


This month has really been something. First, a not planned surgery...Second, coming home to a sick baby. There is nothing worse then when your baby wants to be held by you, and you not being able to hold her. I really felt bad and just wanted to comfort her when she was not feeling well. I am so grateful for my husband that was working over trying to take care of me and Leah. I am also grateful for my mom that came over and asked what I needed done. Of course I responded "Just hold my baby" Leah just snuggled  with my mom and eventually fell asleep. So thanks to both of you. I also want to thank all the people in my ward that brought in meals so that Justin didn't starve while I was in the hospital. It has sure been a adventure this month...since my surgery I am doing much better...I am back to work full time and trying to figure out what I need to do to get caught up.I hope that things get back to normal soon...


Nov 21, 2010

I have the coolest sister ever!!

My sister Nichole is the sweetest, most talented, awesomestest sister alive!! She totally hooked me up and tweaked my blog. Doesn't it look amazing?

Ha ha ha This blog was officially just hi-jacked. But seriously doesn't it look much better? Luv it! Glad I could help ya out Adrienne.

Love ya, Nichole

Nov 14, 2010

Hurts to breath

 Day Before Surgery
well this week has been highly entertaining and stressful.  I Justin am posting for Adrienne since she is under the weather. on saturday Adrienne and I decided to have a family fun night with Leah.  So we went out to eat as a family and then went to a movie.  We went to MegaMind thinking Leah would like that.  Leah  didn't watch much of the movie but played with the 3d glasses and straws.  Around 9 as the movie was ending Adrienne started feeling sick.  She just passed it off as heartburn or food poisoning. We got home and Leah and I laid down in bed and Leah went right to sleep (as did I).  Adrienne woke me up at midnight and was holding her stomach.  she was in severe pain and was wanting some help.  So I put Leah in her bed and came out and started looking on the internet as to what could cause the pain.  After looking a bit on the internet I decided to talk Adrienne into going into the emergency room.  She didn't want to go thinking she would look stupid if it was nothing but went to the E.R. anyway.  The doctor immediatly identified her as having a gallbladder attack.  They took an ultrasound of Adrienne's gallbladder and the ultrasound showed that it was full of stones and looked infected.  At that point they were all gungho to do surgery on Adrienne but she talked them out of it. She did this by promising she would call a DR veltri and set up an appointment for a surgery the next day.  She came home and the next day she went in to DR Veltri and had a consult.  Veltri told her that they had an oppening next Tuesday.  Adrienne told him that it wouldn't work to do it next week that she had to have it out this week.  so they set it for the next day and John my brother came over and helped me to give Adrienne a blessing.  I worked the graveyard on that monday and got off at 6 in the morning. Adrienne had to be to her appointment at 10:00 in  the morning for surgery so we got up at 8 and I had breakfast and fed Leah (Adrienne couldn't eat anything till after the surgery).  We took Leah to my sister Miriam's house and made sure she was okay .

  We then went to hospital expecting to get in and get it done and be out by 1.  After checking in we found out that we would have to wait an extra 45 minutes before they would take us back.  so are appointment was at 10 and ended up waiting till 1:30 in the afternoon till they took Adrienne back into the surgery room.  On top of that it took 2 and 1/2 hours for them to do the surgery.  This is because Adrienne is wierd or at least her body is.  The gallbladder wasn't in the normal place and was deeper in then they thought.  The Gall bladder also had a lot of kinks in it and was full of gallstones.  As doctor Veltri put it "I have never seen a gallbladder like hers before."  The nursing staff let me go back into the recovery room about 5 minutes after she came out of surgery.  Adrienne never looked more beautiful to me.  Even though she was drugged out of her mind, throwing up and disheveled from the surgery.  The doctor made the decision to keep her,over night, this was do to her inflamed gallbadder and lateness of the day and how long the surgery took and how deep it was (pain managment as DR Veltri termed it).  So they took Adrienne to her room and help her to move over to another bed.  She wasn't much aware of what was happening and what she was saying while in recovery. She kept asking what happened and I explained what happened and why she was in the hospital.  After she got to her room she asked me the same questions and I once again explained what happened to  her.  Her favorite comment while in the hospital both under sedation and when she was aware was "It hurts to breath."  After we moved her beds she soon fell asleep and I deemed it was safe to leave.

After Surgery Care
I went and got some dinner from my brothers house and picked up Leah.  while I was at John's house with Leah she kept saying "MAMA" and while in the hospital Adrienne stated "I want my baby several times".  So I decided to take Leah to the hospital to see her mom and hoped it would be a Joyous  reunion.  Once leah saw Adrienne she became quite winney and booby.  Adrienne was in tears as well and quite emotional from it all.  she asked me "why did you let me go through this?"   All I could say was "Its not like it was my choice.  We didn't want you to end up with pancreantitis."   I took Leah home that night and put her to bed but she continued to boob and whine till about midnight.  At that point she started throwing up and screaming at the top of her lungs.  so I got her calmed down and threw her in the bath.  As soon as I laid her back down in bed with me she was out and slept till 7 in the morning.  That morning I took leah to the babysitters so I could go see Adrienne, because I expected to take her home that morning.  Yeah, that didn't happen till about 7pm that night.  So around 2 I went and picked Leah up and brought her back to the hospital where she and her mommy had a better experience than the night before. Around 5 I left and took Leah home for dinner until my wife called me at 6:00 to tell me that the doctor had released her to come home but that I had to pick up some pain medication before I came to get her.  I once again put Leah in the car and took her To my brothers house where they watched her till I could get Adrienne situated at home.  I got the medicine and picked Adrienne up at the hospital.  we had some trouble with the stairs at the house due to the pain she was in.  Once inside Adrienne laid down in bed and was out.  So I went and picked up Leah and Miriam had put her in Pajamas for me.  I brought her home and we laid down for a bit out in the living room to give Adrienne time to sleep.  Leah was quite booby again and so I laid her in bed with Adrienne and me.  She continued to be booby and Adrienne asked have you checked to see if she has a fever and is sick.  I was stupified that I hadn't thought of that earlier and so I grabbed a thermometer and checked.  It read 102 for her temp so I gave her some Tylenol for the fever.   Nonetheless, to say it ended up being a sleepless night for me again.

Home Sweet Home
The next day leah Just clung to me all day.  A dad's dream come true!  Leah had become a daddies girl.  yes it was true she is a daddies girl.  Meanwhile,  I had to help Adrienne get up and down all day from the couch, Bed, and chairs.  To do this I had to set Leah down, this meant more screaming from her and more time to calm her.  yes, It was such a sweet home that day.  With the smell of Leah's throw up having done it twice more that day.  So I accomplished a whole wopping 3 loads of laundry and some dishes being washed. All this resulted in a less than fun filled night.  However, on friday Adrienne felt better and was able to move around a lot easier without help. Georgia(AKA. mom) showed up and watched Leah for a couple of hours.  This helped a ton. Thanks for all the help everyone that offered their support and their assistance. We truly appreciated it.

Nov 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Leah!

This year for Leah's Birthday we decided that we would have a small party with family. Leah favorite thing right now is Mickey Mouse, So we did a Minnie Mouse Party. We decided that we would have them over to eat cake and open presents. Mom, Dad, and Jordan came along with Mariam and Family. It was fun but not with out some stress in getting things ready. When I went to pick up Leah's cake from Kristi's Cake's, I was so disappointed because it was noting what I wanted. The cake in my option was a disaster. But, I had to have a cake so I refused to pay full price for a cake that was not covered like I wanted or one that was going to fall over. So they charged me half and I left with the cake. I ran to Wal-Mart and picked up a cake topper and a candle, then went home and did some damage control. It turned out okay for what it was. It looks better in the picture because you cant see where it is leaning backwards. Oh, well. Here is the cake picture.  
 Once everyone got to our house we got ready to open presents. Leah loved it. She would try to open all the gifts with her dad's help. She loved all of her gifts and would try to play with all of them before going on with the next one.

  After opening the gifts we blew out the candles. and Leah got to try her own little cake. She was cute because she would put her fingers in the icing and then lick it to see if it was good. She then continued to do that before she dug into the cake. Here are the cute pictures of my Bug.

After the cake Leah got to play with her new toys. She was so happy and loved her busy ball popper.
After paying with her toys she laid down on the floor like she was all tuckered out. It was so cute that I had to take this picture.
Leah we are glad that you had a great day. Happy Birthday Leah.

My Sweet Birthday Girl!

 Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. I can't believe that my baby is turning ONE!!! She has grown up so fast over that last year. Leah is at a fun age right now.  She is trying to be more and more independent every day. She is now walking along furniture and tries to stand up holding on to anything even if it doesn't stay still. Leah is also starting to get a little temper. It is really cute she closes her fists and screams as loud as she can when she does not like something (I am thinking that it came from Justin-jk). Even with the temper, Leah is very sweet she loves to give Kisses and Hugs. Leah loves to laugh and her laugh is very contagious. Leah we are so happy that you are part of our family. We love you Sweet Girl. 

Love, Mom and Dad

Nov 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year it was so fun to dress Leah up and go to my parents house to Trick or Treat. Halloween has never been my favorite holiday but it is so different with a child. Leah thought that she was so cute. She loved wearing the tutu and her fairy wings. Here is a couple of picture's of Leah at mom's and dad's house.

While we were visiting my sister in law and her children came over. So I had to share this picture. They were so cute. Kai was Bumble Bee, Mari was a vampire, Courtney was tiger, and Logan was a power ranger.
 Grandma had to have a picture with all the grandchildren. They all look so cute.
 This is Dad and his new cast. Not a fun day for dad.
Leah Gift bag from grandma.
After going to Mom and Dad's house we went over to Justin's brother's house for their Halloween party. While we were there I had to take this picture because Hezz does not like Leah getting into his things. He is always picking on Leah when we are over at their home. Anyways, while we were there Leah was getting into the video's and he decided that if he sat on her that she would stop touching his things. Leah did not like this but I had to take this picture.

So after all the Halloween Trick or Treating we had a nice Halloween Sunday. Justin and Leah decided to carve Leah pumpkin that mom and dad had gotten for her. They decided to carve Mickey Mouse. It turned out pretty cute. Here are the pictures.