Jan 29, 2012


The other day as I was making breakfast I heard Leah start to cry. As I walked into the living room this is what I found.
Leah had crawled into her baby stroller and could not get out. I had to laugh because I had no idea how she even got into it. It was cute though and I had to take this picture.

Natural History Museum of Utah

 After Christmas Justin and I were able to go to Salt Lake City to see our niece blessed and also see Justin's Parents who were visiting from Montana. While we were in town Justin's parents paid for all of us to attend the New Natural History Museum of Utah that had just opened a few weeks earlier. It was really neat to see all the dinosaur bones and all the different fossils that they had. One of the fist pictures I am going to show you is of the dinosaur room. The had fossils everywhere. It was pretty neat. On some parts the floor was even glass and they had dinosaur bones under your feet. Leah was almost scared to walk on it because it really did look like you were going to fall in the hole but once she stepped on it and realized what it was, she was okay.
 At every part of the Museum they had things for kids to do. This one part they had a wall that kids could draw their own dinosaurs.
 Keyan really could care less what we were doing but I had to take a picture of him at the Museum. This alligator was pretty big as well.
 We did get some family photos along with all of us looking into magnifying glasses.
 At one part they actually had a place where kids could walk down and uncover some dinosaur facts. Leah mostly liked sitting int he hole but she was having fun.
 In this picture you can see us at the earthquake center. It was fun because you would build your own tower and then push the button and see if it would hold for the earthquake. I loved some of the kids faces when the building fell. It was quite funny.
 Leah Loved the big Cell Puzzles because when you would put them together they would light up.
After we were done looking at the Museum then we went to the kids play area. They had all kinds of things for kids to do. Even the adults got into dressing up. It was pretty funny. Leah loved the play pond with real water. Let just say that she didnt leave the Museum dry.
 We really had a lot of fun. We would definitely go back again. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us.

A special Year!

This year has been very special because all of my sister's and I were pregnant at the same time. This is the only time that this has happened and it will never happen again. My sister Cassy had Brooklyn in April and then Lindey decided that she needed to come too! So she came a week later to my sister Allisha. Then in August Harley was born to my sister Jennie and then I had Keyan in September, last but not least Silas was born in October to my Sister Nichole. So when we found out that my sister Nichole was flying in from Pennsylvania for Christmas we all decided that we needed to get together and take some cousin pictures of all of our children. 
This first picture is of Keyan, Harley, and Silas - all born a couple of weeks apart just in different months.
Here is Keyan and Harley together. Jennie and I tried to have them on the same day but it just didn't work out that way. They are pretty cute together.  
Here is all the five babies together. It was really hard to try to get a good pictures of all of them happy at the same time. It was also hard to keep all babies in the picture.
 Thanks Cassy for taking some cute pictures. I just love them.

Jan 28, 2012

Christmas Outfits!

Leah looked really cute in her 2011 Christmas Dress. It was one that I found at Carters. It is Gray with a white print on it. It also had a red belt the tied around it. I actually wanted to find a red sweater like the white one that she has on but never could find one that would work with her dress. So luckly she had a white one that came on her easter dress from this last year and it still fit her. She was all smiles the day that I took these pictures. She is such a good sport for letting me take hundreds of pictures. Thanks Leah...Here are some more cute pictures of her.

 Can I say that it is hard to find little boy church outfits. Keyan's outfit took some time to find. I actually bought all the pieces seperate from each other and put them together. He turned out so cute. I found the sweater at the "Children's Place" and the pants and the shirt at Baby's R Us...Thanks to my sister Jennie helping me find them. He really did look so cute in this outfit and I just love it.
 Here are both of my cute babies in their outfits.

Jan 16, 2012

Visiting the Dinosaur Quarry!

While everyone was at my parents home visiting for Christmas my dad wanted to take all the grandchildren to the dinosaur quarry for part of their Christmas gift. My dad was able to take us all on the private tour of the rock wall and tell us all kinds of stories about the different fossils and dinosaurs there. This first picture is of us walking into the museum on the upper level.
Here is my dad explaining all about the dinosaur museum.
Here are some of the bones in the rock wall.
Keyan mostly slept through a lot of the museum.
This is my parents with almost all of their grandchildren. Well the ones that were awake for the tour.
This is my sister Nichole and her children. We were so excited that she could come and join in the Millett fun. We were sad that Justin (Nichole's Husband) could not make it.
Here is my sister Allisha and her family. We are always glad when we get to see them.
Here is Cassy and her cute family.
Here is my cute family...
And My sister Jennie and her family.
Here is a picture of Leah sitting in the rock wall.
After the tour my dad took all the grandchildren to the gift shop and they could pick out a stuffed animal for Christmas. That really made their day. Leah picked out a river otter. I thinks that it was really cute. The rest of the vaction with everyone at my parents home the animals were the most played with items gotten for christmas. Thanks grandma and grandpa Millett they sure loved it.

Jan 15, 2012

Christmas 2011!

Every Year we have a tradition in our family to let the kids open their christmas pajamas. Since it was my parents year to have christmas at their house all of the cousins were there to open their gifts as well. Leah and Keyan both looked so cute in their christmas pajamas. They matched and had little snow men on them.
 Here is all of the cousins together.
 When all the grandkids were in there pajamas it was time for them to put their stocking out and go to bed. This was really hard due to all the kids being so excited that santa was coming. Here is our chirstmas stockings from santa clause.
 I had to share this picture of my nephew's gift. It took a lot of creative wrapping.
Here are some pictures of christmas morning. I dont have a lot of pictures due to me taking more video then pictures. Here they are anyways. By the way Leah's bike was a hit as well as her aqua doodle and blocks from Grandma Rowley.