Dec 20, 2011

Gingerbread House

Last Night for Family Home Evening we decided to decorate a gingerbread house. Leah had a blast and it was just a fun activity to do as a family. It was so much fun that I think we will make this a family tradition. Here are some pictures of Leah decorating the house.

Temple Square

After the Millett Christmas Party Jennie's Family and My family set out for Temple Square to see the lights. I could not believe how many people were there. It was the night for several concerts. It was like walking though a sea of people. It was also very cold but we did have fun. Here are the pictures.

Millett Family Christmas Party

It's time for the Annual Millett Family Christmas Party. We usually get together at someone home but this year our family has grown so much that it was easier for us all to gather at the chapel near my Grandma Millett's home. We all met on Saturday at 12 noon and ate some wonderful Mexican food. After dinner we all gathered for a program and games. My Grandma and Aunt Vicki played a piano solo. It is always fun to listen to grandma play.  
 This year Mom and Dad were in charge of the games. The did Minute to Win it. It was really fun. Here is Garrett's and Jordan's girl friends competing against each other.
 Here is another fun game that we played. We all got in teams of 4 and had to blow up balloons and stuff them in panty hose. Then the team that got finished first they had to put it on their head and sing a song to win. everyone got into it and we had a lot of fun.
We sure had fun. Thanks for the wonderful time.

I Love Brother!

Leah is always asking to hold Keyan or give him kisses. So one night after she had asked to hold him I took these pictures. I just love them. Leah really does love her brother.

Ward Christmas Party

It is time for the Annual 5th Ward Christmas Party. It is always fun to go and mingle with the member of my ward and eat good food. As always at the end of the party Santa Clause comes and visit. They really did a good job this year because the Santa was really cute. He was so good with the kids. Leah was actually excited until she went to set on Santa's lap. Once she got up there she wanted nothing to do with him. You can actually see that in her expression. She was excited when he gave her candy and let her off his lap. Keyan was also really good but didn't really know what to think. Both kids sure looked good though. It was sure a fun night with good food and fun entertainment.

Family Home Evening Activites

This year, I decided to make family home evening's special during the month of December. I planed several fun activities to do with Leah each week as we counted down to christmas. The first activity we did was make, bake and frost sugar cookies. Leah was so cute as she had to icing her own cookie and decoriate it all by herself. She would not let anyone help her. Her are some pictures of that event.
That sure was a mess to clean up...but we sure had fun.

Happy Thanksgiving

This year Justin and I had the opportunity to travel to Justin's twin brother's home to share a wonderful Thanksgiving with him and his family. Miriam (John's wife) was nice enough to prepare a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Miriam's twin brother Micah and his son Christain (from California) also joined us for the weekend. When we arrived at their home you could smell the wonderful turkey cooking in the oven. Miriam had spent all day cooking and it sure smelt good. After dinner we played games and visited until about one in the morning. It was nice to laugh and play and not worry about anything else. Here are some of the pictures from that day.
 Here is a picture of Hunter, Elizabeth, and their cousin
 Here is a picture of Keyan. It is not a great picture but I caught him smiling. He was so cute.
The next day while Justin at was his brother's home playing games I decided to take a trip to Ogden and change out baby clothes and do some shopping. When I got there I could not belive it when I saw Harley (Jennie's daughter who is a month older then Keyan). She had not grown but Keyan had. I was shocked because it really ment that my boy was getting bigger. He had doubled in height in just two months. Here is a pictures of them together.
 On Saturday we headed up to the U.S. Air Force Base to tour their museum. Here are some pictures of our trip. It was really fun and we only wish we could have spent more time there except we had to leave to make it to the family party.  
Thanks John and Miriam for a great weekend we really had a blast!