Nov 17, 2012

Taring the First House

This last week they finally got the footer's done on the first two houses so they put of the braces to do the wall of the first house (wilkey's house- as seen in picture) So they ended up pouring the cement work on Thursday so today we got to start on taring on the first foundation. Yea.
 This is what the foundation looked like when we got to the site this morning. We had to knock all of the brackets off the wall and then do a little clean up before we could start taring.
 Justin went around the base of the foundation and knocked off any big cement globs that need to come off before we tar.
 We had people inside taking out cement chunks and getting them out of the crawl space. We then had people with brooms dusting off after they knocked stuff off the foundation.
 We then started to tar. It is sticky and messy and your clothes are never the same afterwards.
 Here is Jenna Wilkey...this is her house that we are working on.
 Here we are almost finishing up the tar work.
 We also worked at getting the electrical box up on the house so that we could have power.
 After finishing we visited and got the site cleaned up.
 Here is Jenna Wilkey and her husband in front of their house well the start of their house.
 Here is Justin after picking up trash around the foundation.
It was nice to finally get started on our house project. We cant wait to do this again next Saturday when we tar our next foundation. Yea...

Happy 59th Birthday Mom!

I just wanted to share some pictures of my Mom's 59th Birthday. She was a little supprised when I brought balloons and make a banner for her Birthday. But it was sure good. We even showed up for some good Japanese food for dinner...yum... Thanks for having a birthday Mom.
 Of course Mom wanted Cherry Pie for her birthday. Ashley was kind enough to make them..yum...

I'm Three.

So the other day I was trying to show Leah how to hold up three fingers to show how old she was. She could not get her pinky to work and so she decided that this was easier to do. It was so funny I had to take a picture.
 After I took the picture we look over and Keyan was playing with Leah's sun glasses. So Leah walked over and put them on him. He thought it was so cool and was all smiles. Keyan is getting a fun personality.
 Leah had to put her glasses on to. Here are my cute kids.

Leah's Birthday Party

Leah loved opening presents this year. She was so funny when she would open the gifts. She would scream and get really excited about everything. It was fun watching her open the gifts.
 Justin and I bought Leah this card and she was so excited when she saw that it was Dora. She screamed when she realized that their was some stickers in the card. It was so funny...little did I know that all I needed to get her was a card with stickers and she would have been happy.
Here is Leah with all of the gifts that she got. Thanks for all of you that brought gifts and came to eat cake and icecream. We hope you had fun Leah. Happy 3rd Birthday. 

Leah's Birthday Cake

aWhen I asked Leah what kind of Cake she wanted she told me that she wanted a Curious George Cake. I was surprised because she had asked me for Jake and the Neverland pirates toys for her birthday and I thought she would want a cake that matched. But no, she wanted Curious George. So I went online to etsy and got one of the printable icing's of curious George. It turned out so cute. Thanks to Leah helping me and eating some of the icing as we went.
 Leah just loved her cake. I was just glad that my first cake like this turned out. I hope you have a Happy Birthday Leah.

Nov 13, 2012

Happy Birhday Leah!

I can't believe that you are three years old. Where has the time gone. You are so special to me and your dad. Leah you  are a wonderful person with a fun personality. I love the way you act like your 20 with all sorts of things to tell me everyday. You are always helpful and loving. You can count to 10. You love to watch Dora, Curious George, Doc McStuffins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Leah you are so bound and determined that you can do anything in your lifetime. We love you princess and hope your third birthday is the best!

Nov 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

So on Monday before Halloween we invited Mom and Dad over to carve Pumpkins. We had so much fun. We all got to carve some and they turned out so good. Here is our pumpkin carving fun.
We decided that instead of having Leah carve her pumpkin we would let her paint it. She had so much fun and when she was done we actually washed the paint off and she got to paint it again. She had lots of fun.
Here is our Pumpkins....Turned out so cute.
 Here is Leah's Cute Pumpkin when she finished.
 This year as always we start off our Halloween adventure by going to Justin's office and doing some trick or treating. Leah loves it because they always have a ton of candy. It was also fun to visit all of the people that I used to work with. After Justin got off work we went to K-Mart because they were doing face painting. I do have to say that after awhile I did take over painting Leah's face. I know that I had more talent than the guy trying to paint the flower on Leah's face and... believe u me....I don't have that much talent with that sort of thing.
After we finished with K-Mart we went to ShaNae and Woody's house then off to Mom and Dad's. Leah loved her candy bars that she received. Then we decided to do pictures. Mom and Dad had the picture station all set up. And all the kids got their pictures taken....Here they are...

Here is my princess and the frog! 
 Here are all the kids together what cuties.... 
 After we took pictures we went to mom and dads trunk or treat. There were so many people there giving out candy. Leah was so excited she tried several times to cut in line and to get back in line for seconds. She was such a good little trick or treater.

 Here is my cute front door with our punkins. Happy Halloween...