Aug 25, 2012

Swiming Fun

This summer I worked at the Best Western Dinosaur Inn. Since I work there we take full advantage of using the pool this summer. The week after the family reunion my Sister Nichole had to go do radiation treatment so she left her kids with my parents. So while they were here we took all the kids down to the pool. The kids sure had fun. I really got some good pictures so I thought I would share.

Aug 16, 2012

Millett Family Reunion

This year I was way excited for the Annual Millett Family Reunion. I had been planning since the last reunion for the annual Whirly Pop Contest. I had found several recipes, that we tested out as the year progressed throwing out recipes that were only mediocre. We had to have the best... because we were going to win. I did find several that were good and just okay but when the reunion was coming up fast and I still didn't have a recipe I do have to admit that I was a little nervous. Then I got this great idea from a website online and tried it two days before the reunion...and I have to admit I hated it. So I decided that I needed to be a little more creative and come up with my own recipe. I decided that was going to make Popcorn crusted Cheesecake tart with berries...After 7 different tries and no success I had to rethink my recipe. So the night before we had to leave Justin came in from work and he could not believe his eyes.. I had several bowls of crust all around the kitchen. He did get a kick out of it when I told him why each one did not work. Then finally at 3AM, I did it...I figured out how to make the popcorn crust. 
So early the next morning we got up early...and man it felt early with having stayed up until the early hours of morning. We arrived at patsy's cabin early afternoon. Leah was so excited that her cousin had started to arrive. Soon after we got there Allisha, Cassy, and Jennie arrived along with Nichole. It was fun seeing all of my sister's. It had been awhile since we were all together. Especially, since my sister's Nichole and Cassy moved away.  Soon enough we had camp set up and dinner was almost ready. Soon enough we were all sitting around eating Japanese food. It sure tasted good. I really love this tradition. Ashley and my Mom even made little desserts that looked like sushi. They were a huge hit with all the kids.
When we woke up the next day got ready and headed for the lake. Justin and I were in charge of Lunch. We decided that we would do sack lunches. Everyone seemed to enjoy them so I guess it turned out okay.We did get a little nervous because when we headed to the lake it was raining but it actually turned out perfect, the sun came out and we actually did some crafts at the lake, thanks to Nichole and John Hughes. They were sure fun. I think some of the kids actually caught some fish and also seemed to have a great time. Later, that afternoon it was time for the whirly pop contest. Justin and I had to start early so that our stuff had time to set up. After I made the first batch and we had it in the oven when I realized that I forgot to add the sugar..I am so glad that we didn't make them all the way up before I realized that. S, anyways we started over again...instead of taking us 1 hour to make the crust it took 2 hours. But it must have turned out okay because we WON! YEA! They turned out so good and I wish I had a picture. (My camera didn't have a camera card when we got to the reunion...later, I realized that my card was in my computer...sad!)
The next day was spent cleaning up and we took some family pictures. Thanks to my sister Cassy..I do have a picture to share. Here is one of all the babies....They were so good just to sit there and none were crying I was amazed. They are so cute.
After, pictures some of my siblings was sad to see them go but we sure had fun. Justin and I found out that a couple of my siblings were planing on staying until Sunday and so we also decided to stay. Some of my siblings had the idea to go and rent some ATV's so that all of us could go on a long 4 wheeler ride. So we did. We got to go to Elizabeth ridge. It was about a hour and a half ride one way. We sure had fun.
We spent the rest of your time just hanging out and having fun. We look forward to going next year and being the whilry pop judges. Good luck to all the participants...