Mar 9, 2011

Were Pregnant!!!

The last few months have really changed my views of pregnancy. When Justin and I found out that we were pregnant with Leah we were so excited and I did not have any complications, morning sickness, or any of the above. Well, we were excited to try again for our second child. Then all of the sudden the morning sickness kicked in. Let's just say that we might only have two children!!! Now that I am starting to feel better and we have had our ultra sound I am way excited...Justin is hoping for a boy but I guess we will have to wait and see! Our expected due date is September 15th.  Here are some pictures of our little bundle of joy.  I hope that you enjoy.

Mar 5, 2011

Fun Snow Day!

My sister Nichole was in town so we decided to take the kids sledding. It actually ended up being the perfect weather. Justin and I have never taken Leah sledding and little did we know how much she would love it. She would want to get on the sled and not want to get off. Justin was a good sport and took her down time after time. Here are some fun pictures...