Apr 29, 2014

Our 3D UltraSound

On April 28th I had the chance to go down and have a free 3D Ultra-sound. I have never had one done before and didn't really know how they do it.  It was actually really cool. and they got some really cute pictures of our Baby Boy. I cant believe that in three months we will actually get to meet him. I was looking at the pictures and then looking at Keyan's and Leah's baby pictures and he looks so much like both of the kids...I think that he is a good mix between the two. I guess we will have to see when he arrives...Enjoy the pictures. 
 She got a really good picture of his feet... 
The Ultra-Sound Lady had to laugh that he has his feet by this face because when we did the other Ultra-sound he always had his hands in front of his face. I guess he likes his hands and his feet. Also when we were having the Ultra-Sound Leah kept saying does he get to come out and so we can take him home. She is really excited to become a big sister again. 

Happy Easter

The Friday before Easter we had my family come over and we got to color Easter Eggs. The kids had a blast....I found some packets for sponge painting and some color painting on eggs. They were perfect for the kids without having to help them dunk the eggs all the time and it was more hands on. Here are some of the eggs the kids colored...pretty creative....
Justin and I love to attend egg hunts and so when deciding what one that we would attend this year  we had to decide which one would be best for our kids not to get ran over...and if you are a parent you know what I mean. We decided that we would attend our ward brunch. Here are a couple of pictures of it...Kids sure had fun. 
 Leah and her cute smile....She always makes this face when I get ready to take a picture....It is her forced smile. He he he...
 My cute Keyan Bug....
 These pictures is of our kids at the church....They sure had fun.
  Keyan was so funny. Every time he would see an egg he would say Mom Egg, Mom Egg....Super cute.  
 After we got done at the church we went down to Jubilee to have pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. Keyan was fine until he got close to the Easter Bunny. Then it was all tears. We couldn't get him to set on the Easter Bunny's lap or anything...
 Leah with the Bunny
 Justin thought that if he sat with Keyan it would be better....NOPE....he didnt want anything to do with that bunny. 
 After we got done at Jubilee we went to the Jr. High for their Easter Egg Hunt. The kids love this because they have different sections for kids ages....also they have more toys than treats. Leah was excited she got a new pail and shovel for her sand box that we have to make this year. lol. 
 Here is Leah with her pink bucket...
 That night the Easter Bunny showed up to our house. He brought special treat and some fun folder games for church. Mom was excited for the new quiet toys for church. 
 We sure had a fun Easter. Thanks Easter Bunny and to all the Easter Egg Hunts. Love it! 

Ultra-Sound Time! Feb to April 2014

We finally got to see our newest addition that will be joining our family come July. It was funny because I actually ended going to have the Ultra Sound 3 times between February 26th and April 7th because the baby would not be in the right position so that they could see everything that they needed to see for the doctor. Not that I am complaining I loved seeing my baby several times. Here are some cute pictures.  
Oh, Yes we also found out that we are also having another BOY! WE are so excited and cant wait to meet him. 

Happy Valentines Day! Feb. 2014

This year for Valentines day we decided to make some Valentine Suckers with Grandma Millett. Leah was so good at handing us the sticks so that we could put the molds together. They also tasted so good. Our favorite  was the cinnamon suckers. They were sure yummy. 
 Kids on Valentines day...Had to wear red today. Super cute. 
 While making suckers Leah was arranging mom's pillows and taking pictures with her bear. She took a really good valentine picture so I thought I would post this. Love you Leah.  
Happy 2014 Valentines Day!

A Month of Sickness Jan-Feb 2014

We spent most of our January and February this year being sick. It seemed that we would get something and then pass it around and by the time we would get over something then we would get sick with something else. It finally got so bad that Leah had to be put on breathing treatments and the doctor informed us that we no longer had any immune system because we had been so sick. YUCK! Not fun! Here is a picture of our fun time at our house...

Snow Days! January 2014

We are so excited to be in our house because now we can actually go outside and play in our yard. It was perfect because we got a lot of snow one week and the kids loved playing out in the yard with their trucks and digging in the snow. 
Leah had fun finding all kind of snow balls (hard pieces of snow) and showing them to me before she would throw them. 
Leah Making her snow angel with her dad you can see his imprint behind her. 
We just love Snow Days and spending time outside when it is nice.