Oct 28, 2012

Bluebell Corn Maze October 2012

Justin and I decided that since we were not working on our house that we would have a little fun family outing. We decided to drive over to Bluebell corn maze and have some fun then pick some pumpkins. Leah had the time of her life....When we first got there the first thing that Leah saw was the little cow train. When asked what she wanted to do first there was no question that she really wanted to do. So, once we paid we went over to the train and actually it was getting ready to leave and so Leah jumped on just in time. She was so cute and kept waving at us. Here is Leah riding on the train.
 Once Leah got done riding the train we asked her what she wanted to do next and she wanted to go through the corn Maze. So at the beginning of the Maze they had several mail boxes that had questions that you could follow that would help you go through the maze. Leah loved the questions we picked. Some of the questions were; "Micky and Minnie are what? a)dog (turn left)  b)Mice (turn right)...How many legs does a spider have? a) 2 (turn left) b) 12 (turn left) c) 8 (turn right)...Leah knew all the answers and we only got lost once. She just loved it. Here are some pictures of us in  the maze.
 Once we came out of the Maze Leah was ready to check out the rest of the farm. She first wanted to go and pet the goats. She was so excited when she found out that she also got to feed them. They came right up to her and she laughed and laughed. Keyan also got into the action and he wanted all of them to lick his hand. Yuck.  
 Next we went over to the children's maze. It was really cute with this pumpkin at the opening. Leah ran through the maze and then at the end of it she got to go down a slide. It was just perfect  because the slide was slow enough Leah didn't get scared. She really loves to go down the slides as long as they go slow...it was just perfect.

 We ended up going down the slide several hundred times before we convinced Leah to go and checked out the Corn play box. Leah loved playing in it. She even made some friends.  
 We let Leah play until the tractor came back and it was time to go to the pumpkin patch. Leah loved looking through all of the pumpkins to find her perfect one.
 Justin found this really weird all distorted pumpkin. It was all wrinkly and was shaped all weird  but he loved it.
 Our kids and our pumpkins waiting for the tractor to come back and get us.
 Here is us riding the tractor and Justin trying to hold onto our pumpkins.
When we got back we had to put our pumpkins in holes to see how big they were and then we paid by how big the pumpkin is. Lucky for us all the pumpkins were half off and we only had to pay 12 dollars for all o f our pumpkins. We were sure excited. We took the wheelbarrow to put the pumpkins in our car. The kids thought it was a hit when we let them ride in that on the way back. Keyan was so funny because he thought it was some grand ride. If i would have know what we would have just done wheelbarrow rides at home. oh well...we are sure having fun.
 Before we left for the day Leah insisted that we go on the train ride again but that dad and Keyan had to go as well. Justin looked pretty funny trying to get into he train but Keyan loved that he got a turn too.
 We then bought some popcorn and did the slide several more times before leaving. It was a fun family outing and i think that we should do this again next year...make it a family tradition..

Halloween Shopping

This has been the first year that Leah has insisted on what she is going to be for Halloween. When I first asked her what she wanted I really didn't expect a response but Leah thought about it and then told me that she wanted to be a princess. It just so happened that my mom was over at our house when she decided what she wanted to be and mom informed her that maybe they could make Leah's crown. Well a week or two goes buy and I neither I nor Justin said anything about having my mom help Leah make her crown. I then take Leah to the store to find her Halloween costume and at the store she proceeded to tell everyone that she could that Grandma Millett was going to help make her crown and that we were looking for her purple princess dress...I really had to laugh at this. Leah was instant that we were going to find a purple princess dress. We ended up looking at three different stores and could not find a princess dress that was purple. So we finally ended up at Wal-Mart and right before we left this employee came and started putting some costumes back. Well Leah saw this purple Daisey dress and screamed at the top of her lungs and said "Mom look my dress!" I was so glad that it was in her size. thank goodness. I guess leah will be a garden princess. Then as we were checking out she said to me...Mom now grandma gets to help me make my crown. lol....Yea for grandma...I guess we will be coming to your house soon to make her crown.

So I was trying to decide what Keyan should be that would closely be something that matched Leah. Well I was talking to my friend Rachel and I told her that it would be funny if he was a frog for Halloween than Leah could be the princess and he could be her frog. We a week after that happened she called me up and said that she was at her sister's house and her sister had a frog custome that would fit Keyan. I was so excited. So yesterday she brought it over and we had to try it on to see if they fit. They will be so cute on Halloween. I just love my princess and frog.

Delay...and Fun.

Let the waiting begin. We finally got our holes dug and and was waiting for the cement crew to come in and pour the cement but then it had to go and snow. They cant pour cement when it is wet outside so now we are playing the waiting game. Oh, well....Since we were not taring this weekend we actually decided it was a good time to go to SLC and see John and Miriam and their new house. We have not been to SLC in a while and so it was nice to go and just hang out. We had so much fun just doing nothing. It was really what we needed. So I guess we need to be thankful for the weather...so we could get out an play. Thanks John and Miriam we sure had fun.  

Oct 9, 2012

Building Phase 1 - It has begun....

So this last week we finally started to work on our lot's. We all got to meet as a group with our building contractor Jamon. He instructed us on what is going to happen and all the things to keep in mind as our building project gets underway.
This picture I took awhile ago of our lot right after we signed up for the project and found what lot was ours.

 After being instructed we split into two teams and some of us started painting our signs for our lots and the other team started building our electrical panel's so that when Rocky Mt Power came we could have everything ready to get power to our lots so that we can start building. I was in the group to paint our signs. We need signs for our lots so that when the contractors come they know what lot to go to as we start to build. It was also really fun to get to know the other participants in our group a little better.
 This is Kate's sister Jenna.... She and I graduated together and we are also in the group together how fun.
 The house behind us in the picture is going to be my next door neighbor. So we are standing right in front of my lot.
 Here is my sign...SO yes we are lot # 73
 When we got finished with the signs we started to put together some boards that our electrical panels  hang on so that we can have some power to our site. You can also see Justin in his group building the electrical panels. By the end he was actually getting pretty good at putting them together.
 Here is another picture of Justin putting them together.
When we got done with the project for the evening we all met as a group and talked about when they would start to dig. We learned that they would start this weekend digging the holes. We then learned that it has been decided that they would dig three holes at a time preventing any water or snow to get into the holes before they can get to the framing and cementing. So our house will actually be in the second group of homes to be dug due to our lot being one of the last ones on the street but it doesn't matter we are actually just excited to have it all starting. We cant wait to get fully involved in the building of our own home. It has begun....