Sep 23, 2012

Pictures in the park!

Today Justin and I had some time and we have been wanting to get some new pictures of the kids, so we decided to take them to the park and take a few snap shots. They sure turned out cute.

Happy 1st Birthday Keyan

Keyan oh how you have grown. I cant believe that it has already been a year since you were born. You have really started to have your own personality. You smile and know when you are in something that you should not be into and you just love your Sister Leah. Anytime you can do something that makes her laugh you do it again and vise versa. You are such a sweat boy. You love to snuggle when you are tired and you will tell me when you dont want something. You have a funny thing that you do when you dont what to listen to anyone or anything ,you will put your hands over your ears so you dont have to listen. Keyan we are so lucky to have you in our family. Happy 1st Birthday.

Happy Birthday Keyan

In getting ready for Keyan's Birthday Party Leah and I decided that we needed to make a sign for the house. We picked out a font on the compluter and then spent the morning cuting out the letters. Leah was really excited and helped me put the sign on the wall. She was also really excited to get the balloons and make sure the house was perfect. She even helped pick up her toys. All that day Leah was signing happy birthday and would give him kisses every time he turned around.
Later that afternoon we headed to Ashley's house to see how the cake was coming along. Ashley does the best cakes and came up with making Keyan's cake into the shape of a 1. We then went along the main part of the one and put a road in the main part of the cake coming down. I had found some really cute cars that would also work on his cake.
 Here is this cake all finished. It was really cute.
 Keyan had no idea what to do with the candle so eventully I ended up helping him blow it out.
 Keyan sure loved his cake it only took him a minute to dive into his cup cake.
Here is a picture of Keyan with all of his fun gifts. 
 Leah wanted to get in the picture as well so after they were in PJ's they got in the middle of all his toys. It was pretty fun and cute. Keyan we hope that you had a great birthday. Thanks for eveyone that came. It was sure fun.  

Leah's Cute Hair!

On Saturday Leah asked me if I would put curlers in her hair. So we the time she was ready for bed she did not want them in her hair anymore but I talked her into leaving them in. She looked so cute the next day. I cant belive how long her hair is getting. She wanted me to take some pictures of her hair and then she asked if i would take some pictures of her and her lamb. It was really cute.

Potty Chair

This summer Justin and I decided that it was time to potty train Lean. When we were ready we went and bought Leah this singing potty chair. Leah just loves it and knows all the song it sings when she goes. But, since Justin and I bought Leah her little toilet, Keyan has been obsessed with it. He loves that it sings to him if he touches it. We have had to start leaving the potty seat out of it because we always find Keyan in the bathroom playing with the potty. He was all smiles when I caught him read handed this time.