Mar 21, 2010


I recently recieved a letter from Garrett, my brother serving a mission in Mexico. It was so fun hearing from him. This first picture is of Garrett is at a monument that says playas or beaches or Rosarito. The second picture is of Garrett and Elder Bear on of his mission friends. Elder Bear is from Bloomington Indiana which was my first area in my mission. It was a big area and their was actually one set of sister missionaries and 4 set of Elders in Bloomington so I dont know this elder but  it is always fun to hear about people that are from the mission even when you have been home for 5 years   It is always fun to hear from Garrett and I hope that he is doing well on his mission. Love ya Buddy.

Mar 18, 2010


Do you ever wish that the world would slow down, so that you can get everything done that you would like to in a day? My life has been so busy since I have been back to work. I guess it is just how life is. My life seems to be run by work, baby, sleep, work,baby, sleep. I am just lucky that Leah only wakes up once a night. Does anyone ever feel like life, runs your life? Well I hope that I can find some time this weekend to blog a little about what has been going on with us. Love ya all.