Sep 8, 2008


This last weekend Justin and I went camping with his twin brother (John) and family (Mariam, Hunter, Elizabeth, and Hyrum). We had a blast. We went up on Friday to Skull Creek(by far my favorite camping site) set up our tents and then spent the rest of the day talking, making dinner, whirly pop, smores, and playing phase ten.

Justin and I got to try out our new tent. It was great, we had plenty of room for everything and even more. I am sure that in the future we will keep puting this tent to good use (Justin and I do a lot of camping in the summer months).

The next day we took our time getting up and making a big breakfast of french toast and then we went to the Flaming George Dam and took a tour. It was fun learning about the dam and feeding the fish

Justin and Myself

John and Mariam's Family

Justin and Hunter

Sep 2, 2008


At the beginning of this year my parents decided that since there was a lot of us graduating that we should take a trip as a family. We decided on Hawaii becasue my younger brothers have never flown on a plane. It was a great experience for Justin and I being newly married. Here are some of the things that we did in Hawaii:

DOLE PLANTATION : The best thing about the Dole Plantation is the Pineapple Ice Cream. And yes I ate a ton of pineapple ice cream. It was great. I wish they would sell that by the gallons and i could take it all home with me. But that is prob. why they don't because i would take it all home. While at the Dole Plantation we were able to do the Dole Maze. It is the largest maz in the world. When you go into the maze they give you a card with words on it and you have to go find all the items before you are done with the maze. It took us 45 min. to complete it. We sure had fun there.

SWIMMING ON THE BEACHES: Next to the homes that we stayed in there was a couple of beaches. The first night that Justin and I were in Hawaii we decided to take a walk on the beach. It was dark so we take this little flashlight that my dad had given us, and as we are walking down the beach we almost step on this rock but Justin pointed the flashlight down and we realized that it was a sea turtle not a rock and so we ended up taking a ton of pic. of sea turtles that were all over the beach. i think that there was 12 in all. We talked back to the house to get Jordan and show him and everyone ended up coming. So much for the private walk on the beach.
Later in the week we got to swim on 5 different beaches and had a blast. We swam at sharks cove, mohoma bay. sunset beach. and a few unknown beaches. We did a ton of snorkeling and i realized that i am one that can not put my face under the water for i feel claustrophobic. But it was fun to learn.

Polynesian Culture Center: We had a ton of fun here. We were able to see all the shows that were very interactive. Justin even did the hula in Tonga. After all the shows we went to the luau enjoyed the food and the entrainment for the rest of the evening. It was great and Justin and I enjoyed it all.

Arizona: We arrived here at seven in the morning and we couldn't believe how may people were already in line to go to the Arizona but as we were standing in line the director over the program noticed my dad and he asked why we were waiting in line and we went around security and right in. it was really fun. if that had not happened we would have been waiting for more than 2 to 3 hours to get in. That was crazy there were so many people. But it was great, and we had fun learning about a little history.

FUN INFO: Durning this whole trip Justin and myself were deemed the navigators of the trip and as we traveled everywhere Justin would find it on the map and direct my dad with everyone else with radios to get where we needed to go. On the last day Jennie and John happened to get off on the wrong exit and i was on the phone with them and Justin was directing the rest of the clan to the restaurant that we needed to be at. Lucky we all made it to the right spot. at the same time. It was a little crazy. Oh, did was good except i didn't get to eat any of it because we went to this Japanese res truant and i had an Asama attack in the middle of dinner because of the smoke and everything we paid for dinner that we didn't eat. it was great fun.

The last thing that we actually got to do while in Hawaii was go the the biggest them park in the world. It was so much fun even when we had to pack wet swimming suits to get on the plane. Overall a great fun experience though we almost missed our plane.

Fishing Trip

One of Justin's Favorite Things To do.


Justin and I went to Horse back riding in Glacier National Park It was sure fun.
Justin posing for the pic.

In the middle of the lake there is an island called wildhorse. It actually has wild horses on it. So we dicided that it was not raining or snowing so we went hiking.

Justin found his dad's hat and coat becasue it was snowing outside.
So he could go take the trash out.
This Picture is of FLATHEAD lake. We stayed here in a Cabin for our honeymoon.
It rained or snowed almost the whole time we were there.

This picture is of Justin and Steve the Monkey with the buffalo in Montana.