Jul 14, 2010

A Nice DAY!

It was such a nice day on sunday and Leah looked so cute, so before we went to church I took Leah outside and snaped some pictures. They turned out so cute. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

Leah 1st Hair Cut

My little girl is getting so big, and her hair was getting out of control. No matter what I did it was just getting so long and was so uneven that you really couldnt do anything with it. So I called my hair dressor Lindsay at Creative Trends on July 2nd. She always cuts my hair and does a really good job. Anyways, Leah was so good, I didnt know if she would like getting her hair cut but she did okay. She even let Lindsay dry her hair with a hair dryer and style it. It was really cute here are the pictures.

Jul 4, 2010


Happy 31st Birthday Justin. We hope that you had the best birthday. Since Justin had to work on his birthday we decided that we should celebrate on Saturday. So we decided that since Justin got off work early that day that we would go to the matinee movie. So what did we see? Toy Story 3. It was so cute I don't know if that was the one that Justin would have picked but it was the only one playing so that is what we went to. It ended up being so much fun we decided that we need to go and see little children movies more often. Then after the movie my mom and brother came over and had dinner. We had baked hamburgers and they were sure yummy. After dinner we opened some presents. Justin was so excited that he received a new Camcorder, camera card, and a camcorder case. He had been talking about this certain camcorder for month or two. Thanks Justin's parents for going in on it and making it possible for Justin to get it.

Justin also received a new Coleman's stove for camping from my parents and some hotdog roasting sticks from Leah. He was so excited, he has been looking at stoves for the last month and was not expecting to get one along with the camcorder. Now Justin is asking me when we can go camping next to try it out.

So when I asked Justin what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday this year he said that he wanted Chocolate and Bananna Pudding Pies, they turned out pretty good. I hope that you had a great birthday honey. We love you and you are a wonderful person and father. Thanks for all that you do for me and Leah. We love you and hope that you had the best birthday ever.


This year it was especially fun for Justin to celebrate Father's Day! He was really excited that Leah gave him his first Father's day gift and helped him open the gift as well and then gave Justin little kisses which consist of her licking you face with her tongue. Justin we love you so much. Thanks for being such a great DAD.


Yes, it is that time of year again. I love to camp! Justin and I had the opportunity to go this weekend with Justin's twin brother and his family. We had so much fun. We went up friday morning and started fishing (Justin and his brother being big fishermen) then we finially got to the camp ground we were hot and tired but ready to set up camp and start dinner. We had a fun time eating smores, playing games, and just haning out. We love to do things like this, it lets us get away from life when you need to most. Plus it is a lot of fun.