Dec 17, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Every Year we get together with my parents and do the carving of the pumpkins the Monday before Halloween. The kids were supper fun this year. Keyan loved to pull all of the icky stuff out of the pumpkins. Leah would pull a few things out and then ask someone to do it for her. She is supper funny. 
This year Leah insisted that Grandma had to help her make a ghost. I would say that they did  a petty good job. 
 I am pretty proud of my pumpkin this year. I did our house with all four of us on the pumpkin along with our name. Pretty creative due to us just moving into our new home this last week. 
 Leah and Keyan with the pumpkins. 
Leah with her ghost.  
 Here is us with all of our pumpkins...Yea. 
 After doing pumpkins, Grandma help them make witches hats. Though more got ate than actually made this year. 
 The morning of Halloween Justin told me that he should of come up with an outfit for work today. So I looked around and all i saw were boxes. So that is what he became for Halloween. He ended up with the most creative costume at his works Halloween party. 
 Leah really wanted to be a purple butterfly for Halloween this year and after a lot of searching we found this costume that was perfect. She loved it. She even loved that she got to wear it all day at preschool. 
 This year we decided that Keyan would be a super hero. He was all over that. He loved it. 

 Leah wanted to show off her wings.  
 My cute kids. You look Great. 
Happy Halloween

Moving Day October 26th 2013

Our house if finally completed I know that it doesn't look like it in the picture but this is the last picture I took before we moved in. On the day of inspection we were all at the lot including the cement guys... Yes, they were still pouring cement on the last day. So, we were kind of worried that we would not pass but because they were pouring it and everything else came out great. We were given the green light. YEA! So that Saturday we had a lot of Justin's family and my family come out and help us. It was one of the easiest moves we had in the last five years we were married. So thank you families. We are excited for this new adventure that we are about to embark on. 

Sep 14, 2013

Keyan's Two Year Pictures.

So I love to take pictures of the kids around their birthday. Today was so perfect to do this because it was perfect weather. So we went out and got them done. I love how they turned out. 
 I love this one!
 This is my other favorite.
 This is Keyan's Mean face...I love it...
 I also love this one. 
 I had to take some of Leah while we were there. She loves to pose for the camera. 
Love this one of Leah. 
 I love this one of Leah as well. She is so cute...
I cant believe how big my kids are getting. 

Happy Birthday Keyan

My Baby Boy is turning 2!
For Keyan's birthday dinner we decided to go to McDonald's, Keyan's favorite place to eat. Of course he mostly played instead of ate...but I am glad he had fun. 
 After eating we went home to open presents and eat some cake. Grandma Millett hit the nail on head when the top of her present was a banana and peanut butter. Keyan's favorite things in the whole world. 
 It was really funny when we started to open presents Keyan wanted nothing to do with them until he realized that some of the presents had cars in them. He was pretty funny. 
 Keyan with his Birthday Cake