May 25, 2009

My Birthday-Jordan Ordination

This last week I had my 26th birthday and Jordan got ordained as a priest. It was so much fun, my sister Nichole and her family came. We had all kinds of Japanese food for dinner. My brother in Law Justin even provided the sushi. We had fun and ate way to much food. After dinner we got to open some presents and the girls helped me unwrap all my birthday presents. They were so cute they would give me a present and then they would want to unwrap them. Well here are some cute pictures of my day. Thanks to all you who called, gave me a present, or came it was so much fun. Even after the girls help me open the presents they had so much fun playing with all the paper.

Jordan's Birthday

This last week Justin and I had the privalige of attending Jordan's 16th birthday party. We had a fun time eating and then having cake and icecream. After we got done opening presents we all went to Star Treck the movie. It was fun spending time with Jordan and doing things that he likes to do. Happy 16th JORDAN!!!

May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!!

Happy Mothers Day! This weekend Justin and I went out to SLC to have his teeth worked on and so while we were out their Justin and I went Shopping. I found the cutest shoes, and so Justin bought them for me for Mother's Day. They are so cute and fun. Then later i got to go over to mom's home and open presents with her. she was so excited about the CuttleBug. Her eyes were about the size of quarters. We then got to talk to garrett and he sounded so good. He was having a lot of success out in the mission field. This next week Garrett will have already gotten five baptisms. Only in my dreams would i have gotten that much in such a short amount of time. But he did sound good and we are so happy for him. Well got to run but enjoy your day as much as I did mine.

May 6, 2009

Exciting News!

We are PREGNANT! Justin and I were so excited when we found out. I had to take five different pregnancy tests to make sure. Then, I took some more a week later. We went to the doctor and everything looks good so far. I am now 14 and a half weeks along and they estimate that I am due around October 30th. Though that could change when they do an ultrasound in about a month. We were going to tell my mom on mother's day but that did not quite work out with Justin's work schedule. So we decided to go over on Monday the 4th of May and give my mother her card. My mother read the card and then Justin and I waited and waited and waited for an reaction finally we had to tell her to read it again and then she figured it out. WE LOVED IT...It was perfect. They were so excited this makes number 16th grandchild for my parents. It was fun to finally be able to talk about my pregnancy and it not be a secret anymore. I will keep you all updated....