Aug 10, 2011

A lot of Work

This last weekend was our annual Millett Family Reunion. This year I was in charge so I decided to do it at Bacon Park (curtsy of my father- giving me the idea). Bacon Park is about 45 minutes outside of Vernal. The camp is used for Scout Camps and other church events. The thing that I really loved about this campsite is that we had a pavilion that had electricity where we could do all the cooking, and drinking water. It did not have flushing toilets though, but I guess you get what you get. The other thing is that all of our tents were under the trees and it kept them cool. We actually were not in our tents a hole lot being that most of the activities were at the pavilion.

Anyways, we arrived at camp on Thursday afternoon. It was a little over cast and I did watch the weather report that it was going to rain a little bit but would clear up by Friday (so me being the bright one thought that a little rain would not hurt). After Justin had set up our tent and got our air mattress blown up with our sleeping bags on them, it started getting cloudy and was sprinkling a little bit. As soon as my last sibling Cassy and her family arrived it was like the heaven's opened and boy did it downpour. I could not believe how much rain we were getting. Most of the kids that were running around thought it was great. We then started yelling at them to get under the pavilion to stay dry. Mom and Ashley then started to cook their famous Japanese dinner in Dustin's honor.  While we were sitting there watching the sheets of rain coming down and smelling the wonderful dinner being made, I asked Justin if things were touching the sides of our tent. He then told me that our things would be fine....Well 30 minutes later after the rain died down Justin and I decided to go and check on our tent...RAIN is not as friendly when you get to your tent realizing that the wind took off your rain cover and the inside of your tent is a swimming pool. We then had to take all the things out of our tent and take them over to the pavilion to dry before night fall. On a side note: Dinner was wonderful. We all ate to much and could not move it was so good.
After dinner Leah found the rock pile and found out that if she dug down into the rocks she found water from all the rain. She sure had fun but was soaking wet by pajama time. After dinner we set out what I called is the "Guss How Many Jar" I had found this jar at was awesome...I had everyone guessing how many candies were in it when I also filled it with coloring pages, crayons, punch balls, and other fun and exciting thing...the catch was you could not see any of those things and it was funny watching people put down 800 pieces of candy when really there was only 253 pieces in the jar. Well it was really fun for me...

That night most of us slept really warm due to our sleeping bags drying out. The next morning Justin and I were in charge of breakfast and we had build your own breakfast burrito. I am glad that everyone liked it and that everyone had a good night. After breakfast we all walked over to the bridge by the stream to have our family pictures taken. Here are a few of them...
Hanging out after pictures were complete
 They sure turned out cute. You will also notice that Garrett is not in the pictures but he was gone that morning to work and will return later that day. After pictures Cassy, Reed, Grandma, Grandpa, and Justin gathered up all the kids and started a baseball game. I stayed back to visit with Allisha due to her not being able to be in the sun and also because Leah was napping at the pavilion. After the baseball game Justin had this idea to get all the grandkids in a water fight with grandpa. They filled up water balloon's and had there water guns ready for the attack. Little did everyone else know that grandpa and reed had gotten bigger water guns and had them ready for when they got ambushed. Reed and Dad were also helping Ashley put her tent back together after she had dried everything out that morning. Needless to say we did warn Dad and Reed that the kids were coming as they all ran into the trees. The next thing we knew was all the kids were screaming and came running most of them had their water balloons in hand and had not even gotten close to getting grandpa. Here is a picture of the kids getting refueled by Justin at the water pump.
It was really fun to watch the kids try to get grandpa. They eventually got the trash can lids making them selves a shield to get close enough to Reed and grandpa to get them wet. The kids sure had a blast especially when Zander yelled "This is the best day ever".

Later that afternoon we did our Wirly Pop Recipes so that the judge would have time to have them judged before dinner. Here are the many creations that we came up with this year. Garrett had Stuffed strawberries with regular popcorn, Ashley had Turtle popcorn balls, Justin and I created Smores Popcorn, Allisha had Cinnamon Bun Carmel popcorn, and Cassy had Classic Cherry Jell-o Popcorn. They all tasted so was really a tight race this year.
  After all the recipes were on the table then the judges (mom and Dad) went to work while the rest of us just relaxed while the kids all played. Here is a pictures that I just love...It is of Justin and Leah playing in the rocks. Leah's was in heaven...she loves to play with rocks. She would sit there for hours if I would have let her. She even got the great idea to fill up all the chair drink holders with rocks and even Cassy's camera case which we found out later. I am sure that Leah would have stayed up there forever if we would have let her.

Anyways, it being close to dinner Cassy started cooking and setting up. We sure didn't know that we would be treated with a great treat that evening. She did such a good job. She decided to do it like one of her dinner parties. She had her table all set up and we got to make our every own lemonade. We all got to pick a fruit and add it to our jars and then mix up the was sure fun and the kids all loved it. We also had chicken sandwiches, and corn with it. I think we all ate a little much, but it was sure good.
After dinner people got time to get kids in pajamas and let them play for a little bit while Justin and I set up our screen for our home movie night. Once it started getting dark we all got together and announced who had won the "Guess How Many? Jar" I could not believe it when Eli of all people guessed the right number. I am thinking that he did have a little help with that one. After that was done I turned the time over to Mom and Dad to announce who had won the Wirley Pop Contest. Of course we could not believe it again when Allshia's family had won. It was a clean sweep. Congrats Allisha. She sure made a good popcorn this year.
After all the winners were announced then we watched the Millett home video. I had taken our home video's from our childhood and spent hours moving them and taking clips of them and made a video. It was fun to watch and watch other faces of when we were little. I then presented that move to all of my siblings. I then gave Mom and Dad a copy of all their video's on DVD. They were sure surprised that we did all that work for them. I hope that they enjoy them.

The next morning we work up to a wonderful smelling breakfast made by mom and dad. We ate and started to clean up the camp. After most of everyone was finished we all decided to go over to the fish hatchery and let the kids look at all the different sized of fish. They sure had a blast. Here are some pic.
We then made it back just in time for Lunch and for everyone to pack up and go home. We sure had a great time and were glad that most of you could make it. We sure missed you Jennie and Nichole but understand why you could not come. We hope to see you next year and hope that we have as much fun as we had this year. Thanks again for everyone that came!
We love ya!

Vernal's Annual 4-H Fair

This year I really wanted to take Leah to the Vernal 4-H Fair. They always have fun things for the kids to do. This year they had a fire truck and the kids could spray the fire hose at a target. Leah did not want anything to do with that hose. She would go and stand by me but would not touch the water even. I was actually really supprised because she loves water but it was fun. Her favorite part was when they gave her a plasitic fire hat. It has a picture of a puppy on it and she was sold. They also gave her a 4-H ribbin for trying to hold the hose. but she didnt much care for that. Here are some pictures of Leah in her fire hat.

 After we were done with the fire truck we actually watched a performance where the guy hypnotised some people in the crowd. it was pretty funny to watch. There was this one boy who was just hilarious, he saw floating chairs and Michael Jackson. I sure hope that his family got it on video. After that we went inside and went to something called the Red Barn. They do this each year because it is such a big hit. The kids get to go through and pick veggies, and eggs, see animals, and eventually get to buy something with the money they have earned at the end. Leah loved holding her basket and picking the eggs. her favorite part was digging in the corn.

They even had funny cut outs so that you could become a farmer and Justin just had to try it.
 Leah was not that happy about it.
 We then got to see the rabbits and Leah just loved them. She really wanted to keep them and pet them if she could.

 I then got to help Leah milk a cow. She even tried it all by herself.
 Then Justin and I had to try the next cut out.
At the end Leah got to buy herself a fruit snack. She sure loved that she got to pick out what she wanted. They had all sorts of stuff. We sure did have fun at the fair this year. 

You make me laugh!

I decided that it was time to go through Leah dresser and start getting baby stuff out so that I can see what I needed for when the baby comes. So my downstairs was piled with clothes (mostly Leah's) and Leah was trying on all of her clothes just to make it a little more difficult for me to finish. She then found this shirt that she wanted to try on. So I put it on her and she was just marching around telling me that she loved me. Then she disappeared into the kitchen and came back with my hat on. She then was doing these poses for me. So I had to take these pictures. She was so cute and it is fun to see Leah's personality come out. I sure love you Leah.