Apr 19, 2013


So, our foundation is finially fixed. YEA. If you dont know what is going on then I will clue you in. The company that was pouring our foundation poured the wrong house plan. So when the guy that was back filling our house reconginized that it was wrong so thy had to fix it. So they ended up cutting a hole in the back of the house and added 4 feet to my hose plan. So, Yes if you are askig Justin is really excited about our new bomb shelter. He said if the world is ending we will charge 50 dollars per person to hunker down in my crawl space. LOL.
 So after everything was tarred it has now been back filled..now only if we could get it framed....Hopefully soon.

Apr 3, 2013

Happy Easter!

On Saturday, we were able to stop working on the house long enough to take the kids to Jubilee to have the kids pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. Leah and Keyan were so funny and happy to see the Easter Bunny. I was really nervous that Keyan would just cry when he saw the Easter Bunny but he was so excited and giggled the whole time. I just love these pictures.
The next morning Leah asked me if I would be willing to write the Easter Bunny a note saying that she would like lots of candy. I told her that I would tell the bunny. Then next morning Leah came running in to my bedroom and yelled "I need to go to the bathroom, but could we go check if the Easter Bunny came first". I told her that the Easter Bunny could wait until Dad and Keyan woke up. When we walked downstairs Leah was really excited that the Easter Bunny left her a note using her building blocks. (Thank You Justin). Even Keyan was excited to see what he got. Here are some pictures of our Easter finds....
 I love these next to pictures of Keyan.
 Here are the kids in their Easter Outfits.
 This is such a good picture of Keyan LOVE IT! He is getting so big.
 I tried to get Leah to smile but every time I say smile this is the face that I get. Sure makes me Laugh.
 After Church we went to my parents house to have dinner and our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Keyan was so funny he was just enjoying himself and being outside. He was running all over the place and not really wanting to pick anything up. Oh, well. I guess we have next year right buddy.
 Every time Leah would find a Egg she would yell at the top of her lungs in excitement.
 We sure had a fun Easter Sunday. I am glad that the kids has a great day.
 Happy Easter Everyone!!!