Jun 9, 2013

Hooray for House!

 We are so excited to finally announce the start of the building of our home....It has a long time in coming as our is the last house to finally be built. I have added pictures of the progression to date. We will start the electrical and roof this next week. Then we are on the downward slide to be finished by August.

Memorial Day!

As it is a tradition in my family...we started out the day having a yummy breakfast on the deck...it sure tasted good then we all loaded up and went to visit my brother Dustin. Mom spelled his name with flowers and it looked so good. We then took lots and lots of pictures of all the flowers. 
 After visiting Dustin we went and picked up the kids swimming suits so they could run through the sprinklers while we planted Mom and Dad's garden. The kids didn't get that you are supposed to run though the sprinklers...they actually wanted to play where the water was only twinkling out of hose where their was a little hole. I then helped them get out the sandbox toys and we washed off all the toys so they could play with them. The kids played for hours. 

Jesse and Lisa Visit

 Jesse and Lisa were able to visit on Memorial weekend to help work on the house. So while the boys worked, Lisa and I took the kids to the park. It is fast becoming Leah's Favorite thing to do. She just loves to play outside and asks me Five times a day to go to the park. So she was in park heaven. All the kids had so much fun and since I live close to two different parks we would play awhile on one and then move to the next one. Here are some fun pictures.
 After awhile Keyan got tired and just wanted to set in the stroller with Isaac who was taking a nap.  
After we got done at the park we went and picked up Pizza and took it out to the lot to eat with Justin and Jesse. We sure had fun letting the kids run and tour the houses. 
Thanks Jesse and Lisa for coming we sure had fun!

Visit with Family

Justin's brothers and their family were able to come out and help us work on the house. John's Family was able to stay for a few extra days so we decided to take the kids to the park to get some wiggles out before bed time.  We had a lot of fun with them and sure miss them when they are gone. Here are some cute pictures of the kids at the park. 
Keyan had so much fun...he was all smiles. 
Boys will be boys!
I am really surprised that they didn't break this!