Aug 12, 2013

Update on the house

So, I wanted to update everyone on our house. It recently got dry walled and insulation done. So enjoy the picture.

Now all we have to do is put in doors, lights, paint, and finish the is getting close...yea.

Millett Family Reunion

This year Kate and Garrett were in charge of the yearly Family Reunion. They decided to do an in town reunion. So we set up tents in the backyard and put some new sand in the sand box. The first day the kids found a jump rope and it was on. How many people could they get jumping. It was pretty funny. Here are some of those pictures.
 All of us hanging out.
 Kate made this car map the boys loved it.
 All the kids trying to jump at the same time.
 Brooklyn she is such a cutie... 
 This is all keyan did for the three days of reunion he was in car heaven.
 Harley and Keyan
 This is so Harley Love the Face.
 Keyan and his cars
  Lindy and her cute it..
 Here is the car mat that Kate made. It was awesome. It is the city of Vernal.
 Kids playing with the car track.
 Kids all love this trike....Especially Gunner he loved it.
 The next morning we went on a hike.
 My Family
 My Cute Kids
Justin and I with the kids.
 Grandma and Grandpa with the grand-kids
 Love these pictures of Keyan 
 Boys sticking together
 Playing with the cars again...cant get enough
  Later that night it was time for the Whirley Pop! 
 Allisha's Whirley Pop
 Mom's Whirley Pop
 Garrett and Kate's Whirley Pop
 Jennie's Sushi Whirley Pop
 Cassy's Super Good Whirley Pop popcorn baked in cookies
 Allisha and John won the contest 
 The next morning we showed up extra early to cook breakfast...even the kids had aprons and hats on to help. 
 Later that day we decided to take some pictures of the babies....Keyan was feeling left out being the only boy...wish silas could be in them and he was missed but we got some cute pictures. 
Brooklynn, Lindy, Harley, and Keyan

 Kids giving each other hugs 
 Later that night we got to make some water globes and the kids has some much fun making them.