Aug 27, 2008


On June 6, 2008 Justin and I were married for time and all eternity in the Vernal Temple. That morning when I arrived at the temple there were absolutely no flowers around the temple, and my thoughts were such that I was thinking how terrible the pictures would be later when we got done inside the temple. But as if it was magic we walked out side the temple and the gardeners had planted all new flowers around the temple while we were inside. It was if it was like magic the whole day. Everything was absolutely perfect.



After four months of dating Justin took me to the temple. As we walked hand in hand around the temple this weird guy started yelling at us in a different language. I wanted to return to the car. But Justin refused and kept walking. As we went around the corner toward the north door of the temple Justin got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I told him yes and we kissed. I then asked what my dad had told him when he met with him to ask for my hand in marriage. If you know my dad he would have given Justin a really hard time and really teasing him. Justin then said to me " What I ask you to marry me and all you have to say is what did dad say?" We then laughed and went to tell my parents that were not home and at the movies. So needless to say if you go to the movies you will not find out that your daughter got engaged until the next morning when both daughter and New son in law get off work.

The Meeting

The first part of November 2007 I was talking to a co-worker as we traveled to an appointment in Roosevelt. While we were talking I realized that he had a twin brother who was attending my same single adult ward. Over the course of that ride, we visited about his brother (Justin). Me not knowing that later John Rowley would be trying to set me up with his brother Justin. 
John kept asking me if i would be willing to do a double date with Justin and himself and his wife Miriam. I told him that Justin would have to ask me not him but I was sure that would be fine. (at this point I really didn't think that I would have time I was currently working at the dinosaur Inn in Vernal and doing my practicum at school with DCFS) I usually worked close to 90+ hours a week but John was persistent and kept asking me for my number so that he could give it to his brother Justin. I told him sure not really thinking that he would actually give Justin my number but he did. Justin called me later that day and asked me out. Of course I was headed to work and told him that I could not go out with him. He really seemed down and so I told him that Saturday would work for me. So we decided Saturday was the day. Justin and I with John and Miriam went to the golden corral and had dinner Justin was so quiet and so I didn't really know what to think of him. Of course John and I knew each other from work so we just had fun talking about anything and everything. We then went over to John and Miriam's home to play some games. I got to meet their children Hunter and Elizabeth. At this point Justin opened up more and he was quite funny and I just figured that he was shy. We had a lot of fun...little did I know what this first date would be the start of many dates.