Jun 28, 2009

The Big "30"

Justin had his 30th birthday on June 27th. Because Justin had to work at 4pm, I decided that we should do a birthday lunch. When asking Justin what he wanted he decided to have Steak!!!(Such a man thing!) So because we had steak I asked my dad if he could grill them. They turned out so good (and the taste was great). It was nice to have mom and dad let us have the little party at their home. here are some fun pictures of the party.

Rowley Family Outing

Justin and I had the opportunity to go to Moroni, with his family to help his grandparents do some work on their home. It was fun to go and visit with family and have a really fun time. Here are some fun pictures.
Justin helped dig the sprinkler lines...sometimes it was harder than others.
Justin's dad put in the wood floor in the dining room.
Miriam along with some others cleaned out the flower beds and trimmed down the bush.
Later that night we went up to mom and dad Rowley's and had a birthday party and BBQ for all the June birthdays.

Jun 10, 2009

1st Anniversary!

On the 6th of June Justin and I had our first anniversary. I could not believe that it has been a year since we were married. Time sure flies when you are having fun I guess. Justin and I decided for our anniversary we would go to Salt Lake City and do some shopping for maternity cloths and Justin’s birthday gifts that can only be found out in SLC. I was able to find 5 shirts…Some from Motherhood maternity...Thanks for the gift card Nichole…and three pants…some for court…yea. I also found the cutest outfit for the baby…it was fun to finally start shopping for the baby now that we know that it is a girl. Later that day we went out to a nice dinner at rodizio grill. If you have never gone their before, it was so much fun…it is expensive so make sure if you do…do it on a special occasion, it was worth it. We then went back to our hotel and went swimming and relaxed from our jobs and everything that is going on in our lives…It was a good day and it was also nice to get away and think about all the things we have done this past year since we have been married.

Things we have done this Year:
1. Married June 6th, 2008
2. Went to Montana for our honeymoon.
3. Went to Hawaii with my family (This was voted our favorite trip that we did this last year)
4. Worked, Worked, and Worked.
5. Had thanksgiving with my family
6. Had our own little Christmas at our apartment-then going over to mom’s and dad’s.
7. Went to Disneyland with Justin’s family (this came in close second for trips)
8. Found out that we are going to have a baby. (One of our most favorite things)
9. Justin having a root canal-having to travel to Orem to get it fixed.
10. Finding out the baby is a girl. (Next best thing)
11. Having a great first year anniversary.

Jun 2, 2009

Ultrasound time!

I had my ultrasound today. Justin has been so excited this whole week that everyday he would tell me that we only had so many day's to go until my ultrasound. So we got to the hospital around eleven this morning and got all the intake paperwork that they make you do, then we went back to get our ultrasound. We had this guy and a student who was learning looking at the ultrasound. It was fun to actually see the baby and make sure that everything was okay with it. Then the doctor asked if we would like to know the sex of the baby Justin and I both said yes. Then he asked if we were going to get mad at him if the baby was not a gender we wanted. Justin and I both said no...and he said good because of lot of people get mad at him. He then told us it is a GIRL! Sorry Cassy you were wrong. Justin and I are so happy. The doctor then told us that according to the baby size that it changes are due date to November 4th, but he does not think that the doctor will change it because it is only four day off of the due date of Oct 30th that the doctor has set, I guess we will just have to wait and see. Well anyways here are the first pictures of the baby.

This first picture is showing you that we are having a Girl.

This is a picture of our alien baby's face. Well Justin and I think that it kind of looks creepy.

This picture is of the baby's heart beat. her Heart is beating at 149 beats per minute.

If you look closely you can see the baby's feet and her toes.

This is of the baby's fingers waving at us.

In this one you can see the baby's arm.

In this one you can see the baby's toes.

This on is just of Baby Girl Rowley