Jun 12, 2010

Our Anniversay

This year Justin asked what I wanted to do for our 2year Anniversary. I informed him that I wanted to something as a family. Justin and I work so much that we hardly see each other, and I fill like Leah just gets passed from one to the other, as the other runs out the door. So we sat down and decided to take a mini vacation. We decided to take Leah to the planet aquarium and to the Hogal Zoo.
When we first got to Salt Lake City we went to the Living Planet Aquarium. Leah was so cute. She likes to watch her fish Mobile and so we really thought that she would like to see some real fish. She would touch the glass and watch the fish swim back and forth. We even got to see the penguins and watch them get fed. We then walked into this one room and they had this tank full of sting rays Leah thought that it was a big swimming pool. It was really fun to watch her face when she actually got to touch the sting ray. It was classic.

After we left the Aquariam Justin and I drove to Salt Lake and checked into the hotel. We took some time to let Leah nap and relax. Then we decided that we wanted to try something new for dinner. Justin decided that he wanted to try the Lion House Pantry. So we went to Temple Square and actually got to walk the grounds. It was so pretty. I have not been to temple square in the summer for a long time. They had the most beautiful flowers planted all around the temple. We walked the grounds and then we went and ate. We had some good food. It was not what we expected but it sure was tasty. After we finished eating we walked around the temple grounds a little more and took some pictures while Leah slept. It was a great way to end our first day in Salt Lake.

The next day we woke up early and head to the Hogle Zoo. There were so many people at the zoo to see little Zuri the Elephant. We got to walk around and show Leah all the animals. Leah was cute and liked watching all the animals for the most part. After we had walked around for a while we stopped and took a break and decided to get some Ice-cream. Leah has never had ice cream before but it did not take her long to decide that she loved it. A

After going to the Zoo we decided to stop at This is the Place Heritage Park....We walked around an even played some of the games. It was a lot of fun. As part of the park their was a train ride and a peting Zoo. Leah loved the animals. We were sad to hear of the fire that happened this last weekend at the petting Zoo were all the animals were killed. In this video that i posted was Leah petting a week old lamb. She is just so cute.

When we finised at the Pioneer Park we decided that a good soak in the pool would be a great way to end the day before heading home the next day. We had so much fun watching Leah. She decided that she could swim. an kept moving a hundred miles an hour. It is pretty funny to watch. So I hope that you enjoy.

Memorial Day

My favorite memory of Memorial Day is waking up and having breakfast on the back deck. Breakfast having been cooked by my dad on his grill. It was the perfect way to start the day. Justin said that when we get a house we need to make sure that we have a back deck to cook breakfast on. It is a great tradition.
 I remember when I was younger and we would walk to the cemetery with my grandparents and put flowers on their graves then as a family we would walk around the cemetery and read all the names, plates, and birth to death dates. I always thought it was neat to do that. We would find graves that were as old and some that were new and it was always a special experience. So it was a very special experience to go to Rock Point Cemetery and Decorate the grave of my brother. Here are some pictures of us decorating the grave.

Jun 11, 2010


My sister Nichole and her family came to Vernal to help out my dad in the warehouse. While they were here we decided that we should go swimming. This is Leah's first time swimming, she was unsure if was a big bath tub or if she could play in it, but after a whle she decided that she liked it. It was fun, but it was sad that Justin was working and had to miss it. We had fun anyway and took some fun picures to show to him.