Sep 10, 2010

Home Comming Time....

I remember the High School Days when we would get all excited to white wash the U and walk in the parade. Well it was fun to see my borther get excited to do the same. So today, Leah and I went to support my brother as he walked in the parade playing his drum. The band this year played the blue brothers and Jordan plays the part as one of them. In the field show Jordan even does this dance thing. Justin and I got to go and preview this and he was great. Way to go Jordan...Anyways here are some of the pictures of the parade....
This next picture is for Garrett...This year the Cheer Leaders decided to drive these fancy cars, instead of walking now I dont blame them...It was pretty warm.
This next picture is of my dad holding Leah...She does love her grandpa.

Sep 7, 2010

Relaxing and having fun

The rest of the week in Montana, we spent time relaxing, swimming, souna's, and boat rides. It was a lot of fun to just be able to relax to an extent. Leah spent the rest of the week getting teeth. If your a mother you know what that means. Anyways, this first picture is of Big Sky Eatery. Justin and I ate here when we were on our Honeymoon. They have the best Buffalo Burgers. So that was one requirement that we had when we came to Montana this year was to eat at the same restaurant. The Burgers were better than we remembered.
After we ate we went for a boat ride. We tried to do the boat rides when it was Leah nap time (perfect timing) because the boat would put Leah right to sleep. Anyways we decided to ride around wild horse island. It is this huge island in the middle of the lake it has horses, goats, deer all living on the island. Well, as we came around one corner there they were, all the horses along the shore. It was really neat to see because some people never see the horses and claim that they do not live on the island. But, i saw them first hand so i can tell you they actually do live on the island. They only sad part about that boat ride was that we forgot our camera...The only time we see the horses and no pictures. I guess you will just have to take my word for it.

After that Justin decided to try his hand at Skiing again. He did get up and I have a video to prove this fact but some how it does not want to upload so i will keep trying and if i get it i will upload it in this blog or one after. It was really fun to watch Justin ski. I never even knew that this was one of his hobbies that he learned while growing up. I guess I didn't even think about it. I know Justin owns his own water suit and ski but i guess i never put two and two together. We even watched Justin dad ski. Now he is really good, Just kept saying that he needed to get back in shape so that he can do some of the cool things on a ski like his dad can. Then after Justin went skiing. We decided to let Justin's mother keep Leah and do a little ride by our selves and took the ski do out. It was really fun we went all around the islands looking at all the huge homes all around the lake. That was always fun in the afternoons to take a boat ride around the lake and just to look at the homes. They were fun to see.

One day we decided to go swimming because the water was pretty warm it was like 70 degrees. So we all went to put on our swim suits and Leah was so excited, she loves the water, but as soon as her toe touched the water she did the splits and did not want to get in. It was pretty funny because every time we tried she would do this until we finally made her get in the water at least once. She enjoyed every minute of it. But of course we did stay in long (it being glacier water). Justin and his parents were the brave ones and kept jumping in, I thought that they were all crazy (it was so cold). I guess that I am just a warm water person.

On Friday we stayed until about five o'clock and decided that it was time to head home. It was a sad day to know that our vacation was coming to a close. We enjoyed Montana and it was a great Vacation.