Jun 25, 2011

Pregnancy Update!

I have reached the 28th week of my pregnancy. Time is just flying by and I think that this pregnancy is moving much faster then my last one. Or maybe it is because my life it really busy working full time an taking care of a toddler. In this last month it seems that so much has been going on all at once that I cant seem to wrap my head around all of it. It seems that packing my household and moving homes has really taken a tole on me. I have not even unpacked most of my stuff. I kind of lack that motivation. It started out okay but then I just went down hill from there. Oh well it will all get done someday. Anyways, I did start telling everyone about what has been going on with my pregnancy. Like I said before I am now 28 weeks pregnant. I am now feeling the baby move more and more. I do think that I am not going to have a rib cage after I have this baby. He is kicking me like crazy. At my last doctor's appointment I did my glucose test. As soon as I drank that gross stuff I knew immediately that I was not going to pass that test. The test was soon confirmed and I was told that once again I have gestational diabetes. The only difference this  time is that I do not have to go to the dietitian this time around. So my doctor gave me my prescription for my test strips and told me to start poking my finger again. So ya, I am trying to get back into that mode again. It is kind of hard trying to remember everything about my diet that i am supposed to be on. then here and again i do have to cheat and eat the occasional cookies.  Oh well, it has to do with what I am craving. I think the doctor can forgive me for that right. As for as that goes everything else seems to be going well. On Monday I have to go and get my rhogam shot yea for me. Thanks to Justin for being the wrong blood type...JK. Other than that I do feel really good except for getting tired more easily. Well, I better run I have to get my baby up from her nap. I will keep you all posted.

Jordan's Graduation

I cant believe that my baby brother graduated from High School. Jordan I am so happy for you. You can now spread your wings and go out into the world, attend collage, find a better job, and hopfully go on a mission. I look foward yo seeing what you do with your life. Good Luck!

Justin's Grandpa

A little over a month ago Justin and I were able to attend Justin's grandpa's funeral. The funeral was held down by Moroni. A lot of Justin's family was able to attend. It was good to see everyone but sad at the same time. Grandpa was so much fun. He was always be making jokes and always had a smile on his face even if he was stuck in a wheel chair or could not get out of bed. The last time we had been down there he was holding Leah and was singing her some crazy song. Leah loved it. I will always remember those moments even though Leah will not. We will always remember those times. We will sure miss you Grandpa. Here are some pictures from the funeral.

 Justin's Grandpa was in the military so he had a flag over his casket and they had the veteran's at the funeral to give a gun salute.

 After the funeral Justin and I went over the Justin's great grandmother's house here in Wells Utah.
 After we went to the house we went to Justin's grandparents house to see the results of the fire. We had not been down to see it since the fire happened. It was kind of shocking to see how much damage had been done.