Nov 9, 2011

Happy #2 Birthday Leah!!!

Oh, I cant believe that my little girl is 2 years old. She is growing up so fast. This year Justin and I were deciding what to do for her birthday when Leah told us that she wants Minnie Mouse. (Just so you know everything is Minnie Mouse) So of course for a second year in a row we had to plan a Mickey-Minnie Mouse Party. One day I was talking to my Sister In-law Ashley and she informed me that she likes to make birthday cakes and decorate them.  Ashley was such a life savor and Leah's Cake turned out so cute. Thanks Ashley I could not have done it with out you.
 Here are some pictures of Leah blowing out her candles at her party...
And her is the face...she makes this face all the time at me and then laughs. Oh, how I love you Leah.
Here is Leah and her Birthday Presents. Happy Birthday Leah!! 

Things that Leah likes are: Mickey Mouse, dolls, any kind of bows for her hair, she loves to draw and color, She also loves push her babies in the baby stroller.  Leah loves apple jucie and pizza. Leah also loves her baby  brother and she loves to give him kisses.

 Leah 's favorite words are:  binki and blanki. Leah love to do anything or say anything to get some attention and make people laugh.

Leah Dislikes: Veggie and going to bed.

Funny Moments:
  • This last month Leah has learned to throw trantrums by screaming at the top of her lungs and then laying on the floor and not moving. It is pretty funny to watch because as soon as you tell her to come here then she does.
  • Another time before I had Keyan Leah would come up and touch my belly and say baby...This one day she came up to justin and lifted up his shirt to see if he had a baby in his belly.
Leah we are so glad that you are our daughter. We love you so much. We hope you had a great birthday.

Nov 7, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Leah!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! You are definitely excited to be two!! You have such a fun personality and are always making us laugh. Mommy and Daddy love you so much! Hope you have a special birthday sweetheart!
We love you!

Daddy, Mommy and Keyan

Nov 4, 2011

Happy Halloween

Every year Vernal's Rec Center holds Halloween Activities for kids where they can play games and get candy. So after Justin got off work we decided to take Leah there. Leah had so much fun playing the games that she did not want to leave. After every game the people would give you some candy. By the end of all the games Leah had tons of candy and every time I turned around she had another piece in her mouth. She loved it. Here are some pictures of Leah playing some of the games they had there.
Leah in the duck pond 
 Leah at the trick or treat house
  Here is Leah at the bing bag toss
 Here is Leah at another bing bag toss. Leah was so funny because she would set the bing bags in the hole instead of throwing them. At this station she got her favorite prize of the night, a little stuffed cat. Who knew that it would be her favorite and that she would give it a billion kisses before we left the rec. center.
 Here is a picture of us at the Rec. Center