Jan 30, 2013

January Come and Gone!

I just had to write down my thoughts as we start this new year of 2013. It is already the end of January and we are currently playing the waiting game. A little over a year ago Justin and I found out about this government run program that helps people get into houses. Now we have never thought that it would take this long to get where we are currently at. But, we are now moving forward with hope that the snow stops's falling and we can get the framing started on the six houses. We have now had the trusses moved to one of the six lots and had some others back filled. But, we have run into many complications with the amount of snow fall that we have gotten this year. It seems that once we start moving again it starts snowing again. I do know that this wait will be worth it once we are working in the warm weather instead of waiting in the freezing rain. I also hope that we are in way before this next Christmas. So, I guess we will have to see what happens. I really am excited to move forward this year and do things that we never thought we could do before. Well here is to 2013...here we go.

Jan 18, 2013

Christmas 2012

        So this year for Christmas my parents invited Justin and myself to stay at their home and do Santa with them. It really turned out great and the kids really loved it. On Christmas Eve we went over to my Sister-in-laws for a wonderful Japanese Dinner and the reading of the Christmas Story. I really wish I would have taken pictures of this because it was really good. We even got to watch a movie about Christ Birth the kids had fun and it sure was good.
       After we finished dinner and the Christmas Spectacular we drove around and looked at Christmas Lights. We actually took everyone to our lot to see the progress we had made plus by our new house their was a ton of people with lights. It was fun to see them even the ones with the lights tuned in to the music.
    So after that we went to mom's and Dad and got ready for bed, and put out our stocking. Then we all looked at each other and realized that we never made cookies for Santa. oops...so Justin ended up running to the store and picked up some Christmas Oreo's. Leah insisted that we put a ton of cookies on the plate because she said that Santa is Hungry and that he need to eat a lot. It was so cute. Leah was so excited to sleep at grandma and grandpa's house. It was so fun because we usually don't since we live so close. I actually thought it was going to be hard to get Leah to go to sleep. But, NO she got right in bed and then was fast asleep. Of course Justin and I were up until about 1am doing our Santa thing....and Leah was wide awake in our bed about 5:30 am. If she is already waking up at 5:30 man it is going to be hard when she gets older. But we made her stay in our bed until about 6am. We then let her go and jump on her uncle Jordan. I am pretty sure that he appreciated it...right. We then all went to meet upstairs and wait until I checked to see if Santa had come. I then got to take these pictures of everyone waiting to see if Santa was came.
Here are pictures of what santa brought us.
Here are pictures of us opening our gifts and presents.

This year was so fun because Leah was so excited about Christmas and giving gifts to others. It really was a great 2012. We cant wait to see what happens as we move on to this 2013 year. Merry Christmas Everyone.