Aug 27, 2010

Tuesday at Glacier National Park

Tuesday, being the nicest day of the week we decided to drive up the Glacier National Park and see the glaciers and do a little hiking. when we got there Justin's parents took us up the "To The Sun Road". On the way up we took a bunch of pictures and stopped several times. The Road is so narrow that it feels like your going to fall off the cliff on one side. That road is one amazing feet of construction, which we happend to run into on the road.  they had to block off one side of the road due to how narrow and dangerous it was. Once we got to the top we looked for a place to park so we could have some lunch and due some hiking. There was so many people there that if we wanted to park we would have been waiting for several hours.So Justin's dad drove around and so we could get out and go to the bathroom and take some pictures. So we decided to turn around and go down from the top to a turn out where their was room to stop and eat some lunch. Here are some of the pictures that we took as we got up to the top and then some of the road and the visitor center at the top.

Then after lunch we decided to drive down and find a place to go hiking. We stopped at this place and looked at some blue pools of water and then we also found this bridge that crossed this river with waterfalls. It was so beautiful that we decided to do some hiking there. We followed a trail for some time and it was right along the river. We we got to a certian point Justin and I realized that this was the same trail that we had gone horse riding on when we had come up for our honeymoon. It was fun to see and talk about those memories from our honeymoon.
All in all it was a fun day getting to see all the glacers and go hiking. It was a good day.

The Rowley Family vacation...

began even before we got to our destination.  After we left the Millet Reunion we traveled up into Idaho. After traveling for five hours we decided to stop in Idaho falls at the AmeriTel Hotel. It was late but Leah needed to get out some wiggles so we decided to take her swimming for a half and hour before bed time. It was nice to relax and watch Leah play in the water. Leah loves to swim, she is like a little fish. It did the trick and Leah was out as soon as we got into pajamas. Anyways, after a nice continental breakfast we packed our car and drove on. On Sunday day we traveled up into Montana to Flathead Lake to Justin's parents lake house. That evening was spent talking with Justin's parents and relaxing after a long drive.
Monday morning we decided that we needed to go into Kalispell to get Leah some baby food and a few items that we needed. Later after lunch we decided to take a boat ride around Flathead Lake. Here are some pictures of us getting ready for the boat ride. Leah didn't like her life vest to much but she loved the boat.
Justin's dad took us around and showed us some of the really big houses that were being built around the island. One house was being built on an island and the boats would go right up into the house. It was pretty cool. I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of it for all those wanting to see it. So sorry I guess that all of you will just have to take my word for it. So after the boat ride, Justin decided that he would try his hand at skiing. I have never seen Justin do this so I was amazed when Justin almost got up. Justin has not gotten up on a ski for some years. Needless to say this was a motivator for Justin to get back in shape. Justin said that later he would try again so I hope that he will get up.
Our first day in Montana was wonderful and a lot of fun. I am going to write about or vacation in several different posts due to all the pictures that I would like to share with you. So enjoy the different video's and pictures of our family vacation.

Aug 18, 2010

The Millett Family Reunion

 Time for our Annual Millett family Reunion. My family is getting so big that a few years ago my parents decided that they wanted to start doing the family Reunion where all my sibling get together and spend some quality time together. We do crafts, fishing,four wheeling and Whirly POP! It is always fun to get together. This year we decided to make it a tradition (in memory of my brother) to do a Japanese night. So my parents helped Ashley make some really good Japanese food. It was so yummy. Don't you wish that you were there. The next day we woke up late and got ready and went to the lake, and did some fishing. Justin loves to fish. My dad even caught one. After fishing we came back to the cabin and had a yummy Philly Steak sandwiches.
After lunch we spent the afternoon taking four wheeler rides and visiting. Later in the day it was time for some competition WHIRY POP STYLE. This year it was really fun because they did it with a twist. They did it Iron Chef Style. My parents had to come up with the secret ingredient and you received extra points if you added the ingredient to your recipe. They picked Peanuts and toffee bites, it just happened if Justin and I had the recipe that was perfect to add both ingredients.

Jennie and John won the Wirly Pop contest...But next year I am so going to win....Well I can always hope. All in all it was a lot of fun. The next day we played some games and did some crafts. The men also went shooting. It was a great reunion and we had tons of fun.
Thnaks Jennie for a great Reunion..I hope that it will be as fun next year.

24th of July

The 24th of July this year was really fun. That morning I got to watch my dad and brother in the parade that Vernal holds each year. This year it was special because they were celebrating 100 years of Scouting. I have always  loved watching parades expecailly in Vernal because they are so unique. All the floats were hand made by all the wards in the area. Then you usually have a lot of trucks or tractors and horses, anyways it is fun to watch the children enjoy them and i hope that Leah loves them as much as I do.  This first picture is the start of the parade with all the scouts walking it was really cool to watch all the scouts in their uniforms walking down the road.
This next picture is of my brother Jordan. Jordan plays in the Uintah High School Marching Band. He plays the drums and thinks that he is all cool when he wares his shades. He always makes me laugh with his 60's shades. Way cool Jordan.

 Later that day we went over to my mother's house and had a BBQ. My dad always makes the best hamburgers on the grill. Then we invited John, Mariam and family (Justin's Twin Brother's family) over to do some fireworks. If anyone know my Husband and his brother, they are the biggest fire buffs. It was fun doing our own fireworks and even Leah liked them.