Feb 27, 2013

Why buy Toys!

So, today Leah kept telling me that she was board after her nap. So anyways, Justin had brought in all the boxes that Ashley had given us and they were sitting in the living room waiting to go downstairs. So I got this idea to have her help me make a fort for her and Keyan. She was excited when I let her use markers to color it. She then asked me to put her name above one door and Keyan's above another door. They were having so much fun once we finished that Leah even asked if she could eat dinner in her new little house. It was so fun that I dont even know why I ever buy toys. 

The First House is up and Moving!

So here is a picture of the Wilkey house. Yea....we are now moving along nicely. This house now has been wired and we are going to start roofing it. Yea.

My Sweet Boy!

I took these pictures the other day and just has to post them here on my Blog. Keyan is so cute...he was all smiles thinking he was hot stuff as he was running around playing with my hat!
Love You Keyan

Feb 13, 2013

Valentine Treats

When working with the School District I am always trying to come up with creative ways to give treats to my kids for all the different holidays. Of course my Mom is always a big help. So for Valentines Day this year I found these on pintrest and so I decided to make some and share.
First, I got some toilet paper rolls and stuffed them with candy.
I then got some cute Valentine Tissue paper and wrapped them by taping and rolling them up.

I then took some bakers twine and tied them on the ends to look like a big tootie roll
Then my Mom helped me make these cute tags.
Here are all of my Kids Treats...they turned out pretty cute. 
For some of my younger kids I also gave them some begining reader books. 
Here are the cute tags  that I put on the books. 
They turned out so cute and my kids loved them. Yea for Valentine Day!

Feb 11, 2013

Valentine Hair

So, I have been wanting to do something different with Leah's hair for some time because it always seems like I do the same thing over and over again. So, anyways I was on pintrest the other day looking at all the different hair styles. Well they had one that had hearts in the hair. Well, I loved it and decided to try it on Leah's hair. I did but didn't like how it turned out so I started over and made it my own. It turned out so cute...I just had to share.
Thanks for always putting up with me trying new things in your hair. Love you Leah.

Feb 7, 2013

Sneak Peek

         So the other day I got a text from Joan (UBAG Supervisor /the woman responsible for us getting our house) saying that the Roosevelt Group is having an open house and that we should come over to look at the different house plans before we start building. So, I just happened to ask if they were going to have my house plan that we could walk through. She told me that they were.
          Side note: If you don't know much about the program that we are working through I will explain. There is always two groups running at one single time. Usually they have a Roosevelt and a Vernal Group building houses at the same time. The Roosevelt Group has been working long before we even started but they are now at the inspection phase and touch ups. They should be finished with in two weeks and they can start moving in. So if you want to build a house in Roosevelt...now is your time to put in an application for the next Roosevelt Group...I am just saying...
         Anyways, of course I wanted to go to Roosevelt and see my house plan. It is hard to imagine what our house will look like when all your looking at is a drawing. So, soon after work on Tuesday I picked up the kids from the baby sitter's house and drove to Roosevelt. On the way over, I was actually nervous to go over and look at all the different houses. Thinking that I would like a different one than the one I already chose and regret it. Oh well here it goes...
          So, I arrived in Roosevelt and Terry (our Electrician) and Jamon Bowden (our Foreman)were there and showed me which house was my exact house plan. I was so glad that I remembered my Camera so I could take some pictures for Justin (since he couldn't get out of work to come with me) and have them to share with you. Here is a picture of the outside of the house....well what it will look like. You do have to remember that all of the colors will be different when I build my house.         
When you walk in the front door you will walk into the main space of the house. This is a picture of the living room and the kitchen nook. I am standing in the entry way of the house.
 Here is what the Kitchen will look like. It is a little small but we liked the layout of this house better than any of the other house plans so we can't complain too much anyways.
 When you walk in the front door you can either walk to the right and go down this hallway or walk into the main room of the house.
 This is one of the kids bedrooms
Leah was really funny. She walked into the second bedroom and sat down and then told me that this was going to be her room. She is really smart because this is one of the bigger bedrooms in the house.
 Here is a picture of me standing in the Master Bedroom. I am looking at the bathroom and the walk in closet.
 This is going to be the master bathroom
Here is the walk in Closet for the Master Bedroom
 This is one of the linen closets in the house
Here is the hall bathroom.
In the hall there is double doors that hide our Washer and Dryer...Leah is showing that off.
Here is Leah and Keyan in the Garage
Thanks for going on this tour with us....We are so excited to build this house. Just so you know...though there were some things that I liked about the other houses but overall I am really happy about the house we picked. I am excited to start the building process.