Jul 25, 2013

Happy 24th of July

Every 24th of July we go to the annual Scout Breakfast. We love supporting the scout program and it is always yummy. After eating pancakes and sausage Leah really wanted to go and play at the park. So we took the kids over. Leah and Keyan kept running up to the top of the slide and then down again. They were having so much fun. 
 Keyan figured out that he could turn around half way on the the slide and could slide on his tummy. Every time he would do this he would just giggle and laugh and thought that he was so funny. I love it. 
 I just love these kids...
 At the breakfast they had a bounce house and Leah talked me into doing it with her. So we went and then Keyan wanted to go. They were so cute. 
 Keyan Sliding down the Slide backwards. 
 Leah at the bounce house
 Go Keyan Go. 
We sure had fun. Love it. Happy 24th. 

Dinner at Split Mountain

Every year my dad throws his staff dinner at Split Mountain and since Justin was working on the house I decided to go up there with my mom. It was so beautiful that day...not to hot and not to cold. After dinner we walked down to the river and I let the kid throw rocks in it. They had so much fun and Keyan even tried to jump in a time or two. We sure had fun and I was also able to take these great pictures...enjoy.

These pictures were taken by the boat doc. at Split Mountain.

Jul 23, 2013


So I thought that I would update myself and everyone on the house and houses that we are working on. This first picture is of our house. We recently finished the roof and got the window's in. They also have started dry walling. Yea. 
 This is a picture of my garage where they have started the dry walling. 
 This picture is of my back yard. We recently got it back filled and leveled out. Sure looks good. 
 I am standing in my livingroom looking toward the front door and the garage door. 
 This is looking at my kitchen. 
 I am standing in the 3rd bedroom looking toward the hall bathroom.
 I am looking toward the mater bedroom.
 Hall bath
 Master Bathroom
 This is the Anderson house that sits right across the street from mine. We recently painted her house so the inside is pretty much done along with the outside. 
 This is the Moho House. This house is almost ready to paint...yea.
 This is the Hardmam house. We just finished paint prep and it will be painted this week. Yea.
 This is the Wilkey house it is almost completely done inside. They will start putting in the flooring on July 30th.
 Brown House. This house is also painted and will get flooring on the 30th. 
We are excited that we will soon be in our house in the next couple of months. Yea.

Happy 4th of July

As always on the 4th we wake up early and head to my parents house to do breakfast on the deck. Then head to the parade. We all got decked out in the red white and blue thanks to my Sister Jennie that bought these really cute outfits for my kids to wear. They looked so cute.  
I just love these pictures of all the kids waiting to see the floats.  
 This is my sister Jennie Pace and her cute kids. Thanks for hanging out with us on the 4th. 
 Here is gunner...Looking styling
 Here is a float from the parade that was really cute. Dr. Suss
 Later that night we headed to the park for Fireworks. The park is usually really crowded so we sat on the lawn behind Ashley school. It actually ended up being a really cool spot to sit. The kids were fenced in and so we did not have as issue of them running in the road. And they could play and play until it got dark enough for fireworks.
 Thanks to my dad for loaning Leah his ear plugs for the fireworks. Leah hates loud noises and even at the parade with the sirens going off she was having a really hard time. So dad loaned her these...She was as happy as could be with her ear muffs on.
 After fireworks at the park we went back to my parents house and did some sparklers. We sure had some fun. I hope you all had a happy 4th like we did.