Dec 17, 2014

Day 2 of being in the hospital with Tyson

Tyson had to stay in the hospital for two days since I tested positive for Strep B. These pictures are of the doctor doing his tests to see how his hearing and chest is sounding. 
I think it is funny that they gave him a purple binki...He is sill cute. 
Leah was so excited to get another little brother...Days before I had him Leah told me that she was glad I was having a boy....When I asked her why she was glad she told me..."Because if I ever lost keyan I would still have a brother"...
Later that day my sisters were able to come and see me in the hospital and they were able to bring all of their kids to see the new baby. They sure loved the new baby and got to hold him. 
Keyan was more interested in making the bed move then the baby...Same with Silas...they were so funny. 
Isaac was so cute....He loved holding the baby and asking questions about him. 
Nichole says she is the favorite aunt....He He He..
Kaden and Baby Tyson
Brooklyn and the baby...She really loved him. 
Zaralynn and the baby
Thanks for the is always nice to see everyone and get to share Tyson with my family. 

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