Dec 16, 2014

Sisters Visit

(August 6) This year I was unable to go to my family reunion because of how close I was to delivering Tyson. But a few of my sisters that came from out of town we able to come to my parents for an extra week and to see the baby. It was fun seeing them all and having a chance to hang out. While they were here it is almost a requirement that we all go to Dinosaur National Monument and let the kids see the dinosaurs and then go to split Mountain for a BBQ. Here is a picture of me and my sisters and my Mom. 
 Keyan and Leah just love the dinosaurs
 Here are some of the babies along with Leah. 
 Here are 4 of the 5 babies born in the same year...They are getting so big. 
You got to love those cousins pictures 
 Allisha and her kids
 Cassy and her kids
 Here is a picture of all of us even the baby only a week old.
 Justin and I with the kids
 Nichole and her cute kids.
 After eating some yummy burgers the kids went fishing and skipping rocks in the river. It was really fun. 

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