Aug 28, 2009

Baby Rowley

This last week my doctor asked me to do another ultra sound because of my gestational diabetes. He wanted to see if the baby was getting to big and if it moved up my due date. It was really fun to be able to see the baby again. I invited mom and dad to come but dad had to work. So mom came and it was fun to watch our little girl. The doctor did say that I am measuring right on where i am supposed to be. We cant wait until we get to see our little girl in person but for now here are some pictures they took:

Aug 23, 2009


On Saturday the 22nd of August, Mom and Dad invited Justin and I to go down the river. At first Justin was not sure that he wanted me going along since I am 7 months pregnant, but then my sister in Law Mariam went down the river and she is also pregnant. So Justin finally gave in and let me go. We went up to rainbow park and got in around noon. It was fun to watch Justin go through the rapids because he has only gone down the river once before with work...and they only do the little float trips. So we went down and stoped at Hatch Beach for lunch. After Lunch we walked out and floated the rapids, it was really fun. Here are some pictures of our trip, the pictures are not very good so i hope that you can tell what they are:

Aug 19, 2009

We Moved!

This weekend Justin and I got the opportunity to move into our new apartment! YEA! I say YEA sarcastically because I hate to move. Just because all the work it entails. But anyways...It is a duplex as we are living on the bottom level it is about 11oo square feet. A lot bigger than the place that we lived in. It has a place for our washer and dryer (Now, that is what I am excited about), and even space for a baby's room (It is already painted pink so I hope that it is a girl and not a surprise boy) And it is a lot bigger...So anyways i will have to put on more pictures when i take them but here is one of the outside of our apartment.

Millett Family Runion 09'

August 6th-9th of August, Justin and I had the opportunity to spend some time with my immediate family for the annual Millett family reunion. We arrived at Current Creek Thursday afternoon after I had finished court for the day, and so Justin and I picked the best place for our tent and set it up before it got to dark to see. Then just as we were finishing setting up our tent, it was time to eat...Boy was it good. We had Japanese food curtsy of my brother Dustin. Thanks Dustin...Ashely even decorated with lanterns and a Japaneses table cloth.
The next day we had fun fishing and riding in the canoe...Poor Justin did not catch one fish but my nephew Kai and my brother Dustin did...

The next day we had so much fun playing games such as;
1. Build a boat with only the supplies given (My team own first place,YEA)
2. The dice and candy game where you can only eat the candy with two knives and oven mitts
on your hands, as a family passes the dice and tries to get doubles.
3. Putting curlers in Jordan's hair. (not a game but it was fun)
4. Kids looking for things in nature to paint with.
5. Just hanging out together waiting for our chance to do our biannual whirley pop contest. This year my parents won the contest for the best popcorn. It was really good and tasty... I guess we will have to wait until next year to see if we win the trophy.


Our Whirley Pop Popcorn!!!YUM!

At the end of the reunion the children got to go tresure hunting it was fun to see them look for all the tresures and have fun doing it.

Aug 5, 2009

How the time has flown!

How the time has flown...I can believe that it has been a month since we had the Willard family reunion. So sorry this month has been a little crazy for me...So i am going to play a little catch-up for all the times that i have not loged....
1. So on the 9-11 of July...Justin and I were able to travel to my Aunt Patsy Cabin...We had so much fun...we got to ride all the four wheelers and do some g.o. cashing and just hang out with some family that I personally have not seen for a while. Here are some pictures of our fun time together.

2. Justin actually had the 24th of July off!!! It was amazing, we were able to go to the scout breakfast that morning and see the war memorial that they had in the park. We were able to find two names Larry Bird and Michael Allred. It was fun to see their names and remember them for what they have done for our country. We then went to the parade and watch Jordan do his drum thing. It is always nice to support Jordan in what he loves to do. Later that night Justin and I went over to mom's and dad's for a BBQ (It was so good). Then justin and jordan got to do their prio thing with the fire works...All in all it was a great day. Here are some pictures:

3. This week, I am 28 weeks along in my pregnancy! CRAZY! How time flies!!! So starting this week I am in my third trimester. When I went to my doctor this last week they did my glucose test. So ya i failed that test and now they are telling me that I have gestational diabetes. So now I get to poke my finger three times a day not fun!!! my fingers are becoming pin cushions. I am just glad that this only has to last 12 more weeks, well I will keep my fingers crossed. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. Here is a funny picture for you!! Justin, is giving his 28 Week picture.