Oct 24, 2009

Baby's Room's

So this week Justin and I have been working at putting the baby's room together. We have now washed all of her clothes and put up her drapes in her room. It is starting to look really good. It is making Justin and I wish she was here. Well, I took some pictures of her room and thought that I would share them with you...If any of you have any creative ideas for her room let me know. AD These next two pictures are not in her room but this will be her bed until she is a little bigger.

Baby Project

When I was at Jennie's home this last month, I found this picture frame at Michaels. Jennie gave the suggestion of making a bow board. So I found this cute ribbon at walmart...and this is how it turned out...I think it turned out really cute...What do you think....

Oct 13, 2009

This month at work they decided to do a door decorating contest. My whole office has been working at putting their doors together. So I had Justin go with me to the dollar store and I found a couple of table clothes and some put together frames and thought it would be funny to make a tree and put some frames tied to the tree with some pictures of coworkers in the frames. It really turned out cute. I hope that you all like my pictures.

Here are the frames of my coworkers...the bat is John Rowley, Rachel Wallenda is the pumkin and Emily Gunn is the spooky frame...There are more frames with pictures in them on the door but my camera ran out of batteries. Oh, well you get the idea of what i am talking about.

Here are the pictures of my door. I hope that you love it as much as i do.

Rowley Baby Shower

On the 10th of October my sisters had a baby shower for me. It was a lot of fun. Cassy did the decorations, Nichole did the invites, Allisha did the take home bags, Mom and Ashley did the dessert, and Jennie came up with some really fun games. Some of the fun games that we played were; My water broke, what is in the baby food jar (which I had no idea), and memory. It really did turn out great. THANKS to my sisters and my mom. I also want to Thank everyone for all the gifts. I loved every single one of them...you were all so generous and Justin and I really appreciate it. Here are some pictures of the shower;